bathroom organizing

All bathrooms can be organized, regardless of size. Because some bathrooms are often smaller, they can be more difficult to organize. There are some basic organizing principles that every bathroom should adhere to. You want a place that is able to store your toilet paper, towels and toothbrushes and still looks neat and tidy. Here are some bathroom organizing tips you need to know.

Bathroom Organizing Ideas To Make The Most Out Of Your Space

A Shelving Unit can be added above the toilet.

Many companies offer shelving units that can fit over standard-sized toilets. These units are often quite basic in design. You can also build open shelves to add storage above the toilet. You have more options to match your shelving design with your home décor if you do it yourself.

Use cups or jars

The addition of mason-jars to the medicine cabinet made it more useful. A professional organizer would suggest to make the most of a vertical storage. It allows you to make the most of the vertical space in the cabinet by storing items inside a cup or container. You should keep similar items in your bathroom organized. One jar could contain cotton balls, another for cotton swabs and yet another for miscellaneous things. To beautify basic containers, you can use a label maker

Reduce clutter with coordinated bottles

Many shampoo and soap bottles are piled up in tub surrounds and showers. Coordinate your bath products to encourage a minimalist approach to bath products. You can transfer your shampoo and other products to a matching set. You will be so focused on keeping your bottles photo-ready, you won’t be tempted to purchase unnecessary products.

If you have extra floor space, add a tiered organizer

A tiered organizer is a great addition to any bathroom that has a bit more floor space. Small rolling carts are popular, and can be easily moved to wherever you need them. You can stock the top with the items you use most often, and the bottom with less frequently used items like extra toilet paper. A smaller tray with tiers would be a good choice for storage under the bathroom counter.

Attach Everyday Makeup to the Wall

When organizing your home, you have to consider the things you reach for when you go to the bathroom every day. Consider attaching removable storage containers to the wall if you use that space for your makeup. For this purpose, you can either create a caddy from scratch or buy ready-made organizers. Stick-on organizers can cause damage to the wall, so it is better to drill a few holes for a better patch job in the event that you need to take the organizer out.

Stacked toilet paper in a basket

The back of your toilet is a good place to store extra toilet paper. However, this can make the toilet look cluttered and unappealing. There are many ways to make your storage area more appealing. You can simply use a basket to fit the top of your toilet and place a few rows of toilet paper in and out of view.

Use a Freestanding Cabinet for Linen Storage

Consider adding additional storage to your bathroom if you have enough space. You can either buy a new piece or have it custom-built. You can also reuse an existing sideboard, armoire or dresser to meet your needs.

Clear Bins are a great way to organize the sink’s contents

Clear plastic storage bins of varying sizes are a great way to maximize space under the sink. They can be used to group products into different categories. Each bin can be labeled with different categories such as skin care, haircare, and dental care. You can stack bins or buy a unit with drawers if you don’t have any shelves underneath your sink. To maintain organization, ensure everyone who uses the bins follows the labeled purpose.

Divide Vanity Drawers into Sections

Your bathroom vanity drawers shouldn’t look like junk drawers. To make your drawers useful and attractive storage spaces, you can purchase drawer dividers that group similar items. This drawer stores daily-used items, while any extra products are kept under the sink. Keep in mind that no two drawers are the same. Make sure to use common household products in your vanity drawers.

Make a place for dirty and clean towels

It’s easier to organize and keep bathrooms clean when you have a place for everything. A hamper can be placed in a designated area to ensure that wet towels and clothes don’t end-up on the floor. You can roll clean towels and place them on top of your hamper to save space. For a spa-like appearance, make sure they are neatly folded.

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