It’s difficult to deal with the many different moving tasks. However, you can do it as long as you have the appropriate home organizing know-how. Although only a few people have a pro organizer mindset, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an organized move. As a matter of fact, you can choose from many moving tools such as packing calculators, checklists, and moving apps to make things easier.

Tips To Make Your Moving Experience Organized and Stress Free

  1. Use Moving Apps

Download apps such as houzz, Nextdoor, Sortly, ParkMobile, LetGo, and Realtor.com for an easier and smoother moving experience. These are six of the best and most useful moving apps that can help you with the things that you need to do for your upcoming move.

  1. Make a Moving Binder

Stay organize during your move by making and keeping a moving binder. It helps you monitor all of your moving receipts and contracts. It also keeps all of the tasks you need to do for your upcoming move in a single place. You can store important paperwork and other items in the moving binder. These include the contracts with the moving firm, financial statements, school records, medical records, floor plans, moving receipts, and more.

  1. Print Customized Checklist

You need to deal with the logistics and handle financial obligations when you move. However, keeping track of what you need to do and when you need to do it can be difficult. So, you have to create a detailed moving checklist.

  1. Color Code Your Moving Boxes

If you have already labeled the moving boxes according to the room where each of them belongs, why not take a step further and color code them, too. Color coding will make it easier to spot your things when inside the moving truck.

  1. Plan Your Packing Strategy In Advance

Develop a room by room packing method for your upcoming move. Identify the rooms you need to deal with first like the storage closet, basement, library, attic, and guest bedroom. The last rooms that should be packed are the bedrooms and kitchen.

  1. Create A List Of Contents For Each Box

Create a list of all the contents of every box. It will make monitoring and locating your belongings easier. Itemize the list and place it inside the box or tape it outside.

  1. Keep A List of Contact Numbers For Utilities

You should create a list of the contact numbers for all your monthly service providers. These include phone, security system, water and sewer, internet, cable, and trash utilities.

  1. Organize Donation Receipts and Lists

Create a list of all belongings, clothing, and furniture that you want to donate before or after your move. Once you have the list, you need to decide where you wish to donate them. If you donate it to a charity, make sure to save the donation receipts inside your moving binder.

  1. Tie Up The Cords and Keep Them Inside Bags

Cords of your electronic devices can easily get mixed up when you move. Avoid the hassle of untangling the cords by securing each one with a twist tie and label each one before they’re packed.

  1. Pack Your Moving Day Essential Bag

Pack your moving day essential bag, which contains toiletries, medications, credit cards, IDs, pet essentials, important documents, and bottled water.


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