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Garage organizing comes with unique challenges. You’re probably wondering how you can pull together cars with sporting equipment, tools, beach chairs, cleaning supplies, and toys, all in a single space.

Fortunately, home organizing professionals have provided 4 steps to organizing your garage.

How To Organize Your Garage

Before proceeding to the home organizing process, here are some of the supplies you need to prepare:

  • Trash bags
  • Vacuum
  • Baskets
  1. Organize The Clutter

Clean the floor using a shop vac or a broom. Look out for small items that may be on the floor like nails. Watch out for chemical stains, cobwebs, and other critters that may have created a nest in your home.

Start the decluttering process by getting rid of things that should be thrown in the bin. Divide your things into three categories – toss, keep, donate, trash.

It’s recommended to take everything out of the garage. You can also divide your garage into different organizing zones and organize and declutter one zone first before moving to another. If you are not sure which ones to keep, donate, trash, or toss, then you should ask yourself when was the last time you used the item in question.

  1. Organize The Garage Into Different Zones

Since you most likely have different kinds of things stored in your garage, it’s better if you organize the area in zones. Start grouping the items. For example, group all items you use for your car, sports equipment, and all of your tools. Start with four basic zones and work your way outward. Once you’re done sorting your items, you should begin evaluating how much space each zone needs and make plans according to that.

  1. Plan Garage Storage

Evaluate the space in your garage storage and start storing your belongings in their appropriate homes. Here are some tips on how to make more storage space in this part of your home.

  • Consider using a vertical space
  • Purchase the appropriate products or use what you currently have
  • Store dangerous items and chemicals in a locked container or cabinet especially when you have kids at home.

When organizing your garage, professional organizers suggest to avoid the following buying an organizing system first and then check if everything fits in. It’s best if you begin with basic organizing systems like shelves before you expand out.

  1. Keep Your Garage Organized

After organizing your garage by zone, you will feel some sense of accomplishment. The last step involves keeping your garage organized by doing a quick sweep of your garage as often as you can, perhaps weekly or monthly. Garages is known as a high traffic area and that means you’ll need less time to organize it if you do so often.


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