Are you planning to declutter your home but worry too much that the process is too tedious or difficult?

Listed here are some tips to help you in decluttering every room in your home quick and comfortable. The first step is to be committed. You need to decide that it’s the perfect time to declutter. The next step is the oldest trick when it comes to home organizing.

Split Huge Jobs Into Smaller Tasks

It is a good idea to divide your decluttering project into smaller tasks. If you plan to declutter the entire house, you should declutter every room individually. If you want to tackle the closet, begin with the accessories then proceed to your clothes. You can choose the order you prefer. The important thing here is to begin with smaller steps so the process will be much easier.

Distract Yourself and Be Methodical

Whenever you start to decluttering a space, you must have a large garbage bag for the things you want to get rid of and another box or bag for the items you wish to sell or donate. Prepare a third box or bag for things that you are not sure about.

It is also a good idea to have something to happening that could help make your task feel more fun than cumbersome. For instance, you can turn on the TV, play some nice music, or drink lemonade as you declutter your home. Do whatever makes you feel that it’s leisure time instead of a punishment.

Figure Out What You Want To Get Rid Of

But, it’s best not to think about it as what you have to get rid of. What you can do instead is to ask yourself if every item that you are considering needs to be kept. Listed below are a few questions to help you make a decision.

  1. Do you need it? Does it help make your life better, happier, or easier? Will it be genuinely inconvenient for you if decide to get rid of it? If your answer is yes then you should keep the item.
  2. Does it make your life annoying or difficult? If yes, then you should definitely get rid of it.
  3. Is it beautiful, meaningful, and beneficial? If yes, then you should keep it.
  4. Is it damaged? Is it beyond repair? If yes then it has to go. If it is falling apart, no longer serve a purpose, or rotting, then you have to get rid of it.

You’ll be left with things that you’ll can’t decide whether to keep or not and that is perfectly fine.

Decide What To Do With All Of It

There are different ways to take care of stuff that you want to get rid of but not completely throw away. If the item is still in good condition then you can donate it. You’ll most likely have a donation center in your local area. Bigger items may also be picked up by charitable organizations or smaller resale shops. So, be sure to ask around. You can also sell accessories, clothes or furniture that you no longer use but still look great and work perfectly.

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