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Senior living is a chance to make connections. Even though moving and packing can be daunting, especially for seniors, it can be a great opportunity to offer real support when they are most in need. Many people put off moving until they feel trapped. This makes it even more stressful. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of work involved or to become overwhelmed by emotions. Kathleen Denzer can help. Denzer, the owner of Moves Made Manageable, specializes in older adults moving.

These are her tips to make the move as easy as possible.

Moving and Packing Tips

1. Communicate openly and often.

Denzer points out that seniors find moving more difficult when they feel their voices are not being heard. Talk openly with your loved one about the feelings she has regarding the move. You can address concerns quickly. You can help her make decisions about her future and take the time to explain why she should move. You can also hire senior relocation services to make the experience stress free.

2. It is important to plan ahead.

Ask for a floor plan for the new house. It will be easier to decide which possessions and furniture you will keep and which items to sell or give away. Denzer recommends that you visit the new neighborhood or residence at least once before your loved one moves. This will ensure that there are no surprises on moving day and that your loved one is able to get settled and begin picturing her new home and all her belongings.

3. Get moving as soon as possible.

Your loved one will accumulate many sentimental items after many years of living in the same home. Take the time to sort through all of these items and reminisce. Listen to stories. This will help to reduce the loss and make it easier for you to part with your possessions. Denzer says that seniors who are too rushed can become resentful, overwhelmed and irritable. “The experience can be transformed by saying, “Let’s take a look at the things we have here and see how they relate to the memories we shared in this home.”

4. Hire a senior manager for moving.

There are many resources available to assist seniors in moving. Denzer suggests that seniors use a professional move manager to help them through the entire process. She says that a professional organizer or moving expert can help to reduce stress. “The less stress everyone has, the more people do and the easier it is for seniors to adjust to the changes.” Ask the staff at your new community for information about the services they provide to help you with the move.

5. Your loved one can settle into senior living.

To help your loved one pack and adjust, plan to stay for the whole day. Set up more than just the necessities. Display photos and other memorabilia to make the space feel like home. As closely as possible, arrange furniture in the same way as the old home. In the first few weeks, visit again with family and friends.

Your loved one will feel more at home in her new environment if you pay attention to both the emotional and logistic details.

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