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While you may have heard of many larger cities in North Carolina, there is one town that you may not know. Bolivia, North Carolina has a population of less than 200 people, which by all accounts would probably make it one of the smallest towns in America. But although Bolivia is small, it still carries a lot of charm and friendly people, that many tourists have come to expect in smaller, more intimate towns.


History of Bolivia, North Carolina


The small town of Bolivia, North Carolina is located in central Brunswick County, The first settlers were European Americans which came in 1890. The town was incorporated in 1911. The town is a part of the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area. The town’s name comes from the city of Bolivia located in South America. The town has had a post office since 1892. National airlines flight blew up over the small town on January 6, 1960. The town had a bypass highway that went around Bolivia, which allowed tourists to go pass Bolivia without coming into the town. Transportation was expected to improve along with building up the financial profile for the town. Instead, visitors had no reason to come into the town which led to its decline. However in 1977, the central government decided to place its building inside of the small town of Bolivia. This brought new jobs and new growth which helped improve the town.




On average, the small town of Bolivia has about 150 people which includes about 58 households and 45 families. About seventeen percent of these households are female alone, with no husband in the home. Other households also included nineteen percent for individuals with fifteen percent having an elderly person living alone who is sixty five years or older. The median income per household is thirty three thousand, and the median income for families is thirty five thousand. When you break income into male and female, on average the male income averages about twenty six thousand dollars, while a female averages twenty thousand.


Things to do in Bolivia, North Carolina


While Bolivia, North Carolina is considered a small town, there are many things to do within the town. Some of the tourist attractions include: visiting the Brunswick County Botanical Gardens, Helpers of Our Farm Petting Farm, Odell Williams Auditorium, Dina E Gore Fitness and Aquatics Center and the Carolina Golf Club just to name a few. These tourist attractions are varied and should keep you and your family well entertained during your visit to Bolivia.


So the next time you and your family want to take a small vacation to learn about parts of America, let Bolivia, North Carolina be on your short list. You will enjoy the beautiful mountains that the state of North Carolina offers, the small town charm and friendly people, along with all of the exciting attractions that the small town of Bolivia offers. Once you travel to Bolivia, your family may very well start a family tradition and visit the small town yearly as a part of your family living.



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