St. James NC and Oak Island NC represent a popular tourist destination these days. These communities are part of the Brunswick County area in Southeatern North Carolina. Access to beaches has raised awareness about these communities as well. St. James NC and Oak Island NC will likely become a focal point for development and growth in the future. Also, St. James NC and Oak Island NC have recently been included in the Myrtle Beach Metropolitan Area. That area now includes three counties, two in South Carolina and one in North Carolina. The project will monitor the growth of the region and include some details about life in the area for locals.

First, it is important to understand local tourism to the area. Many people from North Carolina prefer the beaches near St. James NC and Oak Island NC. In state traffic is heavy along U,.S. Road 17 and related inlets to the region. That has spurred on growth and contributed to awareness of the local area. The pristine beaches are beautiful and well documented by the visitors. Out of state tourism has been on the rise in recent years. The area is trying to accommodate the needs of more tourists each year. New hotels and other amenities are included for tourists to use during their stay too.

The St. James NC and Oak Island NC area has seen some rapid population growth. The 2000 Census recorded the population at about 800 people. But the 2010 Census reported rapid changes and 3,165 people in the city. Oak Island NC now has a lot of people to boast as well. The 2010 Census reported around 6,783 permanent residents in the Oak Island NC area. However, the area has gotten a lot of renewed tourism to the area. Thousands of visitors arrive each year to soak up the sun and enjoy the beautiful Atlantic Ocean waters.

The beautiful setting will form the backdrop for a tourist adventure. Sunset Beach is a big tourist draw because of the nice sand and water. Environmental Onlook Trail can be explored and photographic opportunities abound for the family to try. See wildlife from the natural area and come to understand the fragile balance of life to be found there at St. James NC. St. James NC and Oak Island NC offer a lot of public access to the beach. Golf leagues and bridge clubs are open to new visitors as well. Take advantage of some special deals and become a member at these local clubs.

St. James NC and Oak Island NC have a lifestyle that people simply enjoy. Year round warm temperatures and mild breezes from the Atlantic Ocean are popular. Both young and old people will fall in love with the coast line. The beaches have a lot of space and people can sit on a towel to enjoy the weather. Get a sun tan and chat with friends along the coastal area. Middleton park is a great place to explore and join up with some friends.

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