If you’re looking for an informative and fun way to spend an afternoon in Wilmington, North Carolina, you might want to take your family to the Cape Fear Museum of History and Science. Located at 814 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28401. Founded in 1898, this museum offers visitors a glimpse into the region’s history. There’s a fascinating exhibit on Native American artifacts that date back as far as 8,000 BC. Other exhibits cover the Civil War, Cape Fear ecosystems, and even Michael Jordan.

The Cape Fear Museum was originally founded to house Confederate artifacts but has since expanded its collections to more than 52,000 items. You can learn about art, history, culture, and science at the museum, which is open Tuesday through Sunday. Kids will enjoy the museum’s special focus on the Lower Cape Fear environment, and the Michael Jordan Discovery Gallery is an excellent way to introduce them to this fascinating part of the world.

The USS North Carolina Battleship is one of the most popular attractions in Wilmington, and it was built during the late 1930s. It served in every major Pacific campaign during World War II, and received 15 battle stars. The battleship arrived in Wilmington in 1961 and became a National Historic Landmark in 1986. The museum also hosts a wide variety of educational programs. The Cape Fear Museum was founded in 1898, and it features over fifty thousand artifacts collected from Wilmington and the surrounding area. Several exhibits highlight history, science, and artifacts.

Another must-see attraction in Wilmington NC is the North Carolina Aquarium, located just outside the city limits. A family-oriented beach town, the aquarium features many aquatic species from around the world, including both fresh and saltwater species. There is also a special exhibit dedicated to the Cape Fear River. The museum is an excellent place for children, and the family will enjoy spending a day here. So, what are you waiting for?

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While at the Cape Fear Museum of History and Science, you should consider taking part in the Scavenger Hunt. This unique activity will give you the opportunity to explore the area by solving fun riddles, searching for plaques, and discovering more about the city. The Scavenger Hunt is a great way to learn about Wilmington while having a fun time. In addition, a Wilmington Scavenger Hunt will give you an opportunity to explore the historic district and enjoy the local art and crafts scene.

The Bellamy Mansion Museum offers a glimpse into Wilmington’s past. Designed by Dr. John Dillard Bellamy, the mansion boasts Victorian architecture. It is open to the public, and guided tours are available daily. You can explore the mansion and the gardens while a guided tour is in progress. You can also visit the nearby slave quarters, which are considered the most preserved in the United States.

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The Wilmington Riverwalk is a popular boardwalk that runs along the Cape Fear River. The Riverwalk was designed to attract more people to the city’s historic area, and it will eventually connect the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge to the Isabel Holmes Bridge. While you’re at the Cape Fear Museum of History and Science, you can also check out the USS North Carolina, the Cotton Exchange, and the historic 1914 Murchison Building, as well as several restaurants and shops. Don’t forget to stop by Wilmington’s weekly farmer’s market!