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Home Organizing: Dealing With Being Disorganized

There are many reasons for your disorganization including perfectionism, lack of skills, our beliefs and indecision, as well as mental health and brain-related conditions. When you understand the reason for being unorganized, it can help increase your ability to become more organized (and stay that way!). Here are some home organizing tips you need to know.

Signs that a person is disorganized

You may have sweaty palms while you read this list. But you will soon realize that reading this will help you become a more organized person.

  • It is common to be late for appointments.
  • You can’t find your things when you need them.
  • Surprise deadlines always come up for you.
  • You make a lot of money, but there isn’t enough money.
  • It is easy to run out of household supplies just when you need them.
  • Your communication is disrupting your life. Your phone storage is full and your computer files are all over the place (and everywhere!). You are often misunderstood.
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Senior Moving Guide: How To Prepare For A Senior Move

Seniors may experience mixed emotions when they have to downsize their home.  You will need to take note of these  steps if you plan on helping a relative or friend with their senior move.

Senior Moving Help

Take Time Off to Reduce Your Stress Level

It is a slow process. Seniors shouldn’t expect that they will be able mentally and physically to prepare for a move within a matter of weeks. Professional organizers say, “It will take time. It will take more than you think.” That home has been occupied for over 20 years won’t be easy to empty. Start cleaning the house now to reduce stress and anxiety associated with a major move. Do not wait until the last minute.

Do not be afraid to ask for help

It can be difficult to downsize. Don’t be afraid asking for help. Hire moving helpers like Brunswick Organizing Solutions if you have the money. Ask your family and friends who you trust and aren’t judgmental.

Some Organization Rules Should Be Implemented

It will make it easier to downsize. We advise that you create rules to help you get things done faster and with more assistance. For example, all expired makeup and pantry items can be thrown out. Anything in bad condition, such as rusted, damaged, or ripped, will be thrown out. All duplicates will be reduced to one.

Keep an Eye on What You Should Keep

Your new home will be smaller so you will need to be clear about what you can and cannot bring. Make sure that what you are planning to move can fit into your new home. We recommend that seniors create a floor plan, which will include all furniture they are thinking of moving. Also confirm that it will fit in the new home before moving it.

Part with those “What If” Items

According to Jenny Albertini (founder of Declutter DC), we all keep things in our homes for the purpose of using them for a future project or for the hope of a past passion for a hobby returning to us. It’s important not to dwell on the “what ifs”. Now is the right time to get rid of anything that hasn’t been used, fixed or enjoyed in recent months. It can be stressful to downsize and transition to the next phase of your life. However, you can take this opportunity to get rid of clutter and other non-priority items from your home.

Donate to Causes You Care about

Many seniors who are moving out of their homes will need to donate all belongings that they don’t wish to pass on to family and friends. Donate to causes you’re passionate about. Is there a local emergency such as a fire or flood that would benefit from your donations? If you’re interested, you can visit the organization in person. Visiting a charity helps you see the items going to a good home. Sometimes, people will let go of their stuff if they know it will be loved.

We advise that seniors should not assume their loved ones will want one more item in their home. She says that your items may be discarded by people, particularly younger generations. Heirlooms and personal items have more value than banks collections.

Photographic Memories: Keep on Hold

store photosSeniors may still choose to preserve special moments and memories. There are many options to keep photos and t-shirts safe and secure. Consider photo frames. It will bring us a lot joy. A sentimental quilt can be made that you love, but is also practical.

You can record a video of the space you are about to leave if you so desire! We encourage family members to walk through the house and create a video for their loved ones. Take a tour of the home and tell your family about your favorite stories about the home.

Say Goodbye To Anything That Makes You Feel Embarrassed

The book “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning” is a good book for senior downsizing preparation. Don’t let the title scare you! This book offers many useful ways to explain why it’s important to emotionally address our issues before we become too old to handle the task on our own. One category of items the author suggests dealing with is ‘dangerous and secret things’. These are items that could embarrass or cause problems for you or your loved ones. If the item is an embarrassment, you can dispose of them on your own or throw them off a bridge.

Brunswick Organizing Solutions has the experience you need to help you downsize. Call us today to make the move run smoothly. We can provide the boxes and help you sort, organize  and decide what needs to go.

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Senior Relocation Services


Senior Relocation Services

Anyone who has lived a full life could unknowingly accumulate a large volume of memorabilia. If you or a loved one has come to a decision that it is time to move into a more convenient and smaller home, you might find yourself in an overwhelming situation with the amount of stuff that you need to go through. You should consider hiring senior relocation services.

It’s years of memories and not just mere “stuff.” Let Brunswick Organizing Solutions help you change your living area and possessions to help significantly improve your life.

With our downsizing service, we will help you honor your past while helping you embrace your future.

If done correctly, downsizing can be a relief since our professional organizers can help you in prioritizing the things that are important and helpful in the next phase of your life.

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A Strategy Plan to Declutter and Deep Clean One Room per Month in 2022

organize wilmington ncEvery January, we take down holiday decorations and look forward to a new start. As we approach 2022, this feeling grows stronger. After two years of living at home, we can’t wait to get started on spring cleaning. Instead, we will begin in January and work our way through the year, focusing only on one area each month. Deep cleaning can be done in all rooms. You can sweep, mop and vacuum as well as wipe down walls and baseboards. You should dust everything that can be seen, even those you might not normally notice, such as curtain rods or lamp shades. Do not let this list discourage you from starting. Each room will take you one month to complete. The results will motivate you to keep going once you have started. Start cleaning out the house by checking off things on your maintenance list. Take care of your feet, and enjoy the clean and freshening up of your home.

January: Kitchen

The heart of every Southern home is the kitchen. It’s where we spend most of our time, and create the most mess. After spending the holidays baking peanut butter cookies and being hostesses, our kitchens need to be cleaned up. Start by throwing out any leftovers or expired food. This will enable you to clean up and prepare the food for your next step. After you’ve conquered the food, it’s time to take inventory of your kitchen supplies like silverware and storage containers. Wipe down all surfaces. Pay attention to the appliances. Clean the floors and take them out. Also, clean out the drain of your sink and all sponges and rags. Call Brunswick Organizing Solutions for help with decluttering your cupboards and pantry. Starting the new year off with an organized kitchen will give you a new outlook on the new year!

February: Family and Living Rooms

Our kitchen is where we spend most of our time. The rest of our time is spent in our living and family areas. These rooms should be decluttered. You should also clean out the fabrics. These fabrics are often forgotten in daily cleaning. Slipcovers and pillows can be washed thoroughly. Then, you can spot clean the sofa and chair. It is also worth dusting and cleaning remotes.

March: Bathrooms

Do you know what’s in your bathroom cabinets and drawers. It is best to empty the cabinets completely, then clean them from inside and outside. When organizing your bathroom, make sure you check for expired medication, makeup, replacements, toothbrushes, towels, or items that are covered in grime. Clean and reseal grout lines, replace shower curtain liners and wash makeup brushes.

April: Outdoors

You can enjoy your patio drinks, fire pits, or grilling by turning your attention outside as soon as it is cool enough. Clean your patio, porch, driveway, sidewalk and walkway with a power washer and a broom. Clean gutters, cushions, pillows, covers and outdoor furniture, as well windows and tracks. Finally, check for damage to screens or hoses. Before you start to plant your garden, set up your grill. Clean up any weeds or dead leaves and trim your plants. Next, add new soil and mulch to your beds and decide which plants need to be replaced.

Garage May

It’s tempting to just ignore your garage and let all the clutter pile up, but the end result is well worth the effort. To begin the process, open the garage doors. Then, scrub the garage from bottom to top. To remove dirt and dust, dry the garage floor using a microfiber cloth. Once the floor dries you can decide what you want to keep and how to group them. After drying for around 2 to 4 hours you can arrange them with shelving units or wall hooks. Before you return inside, make sure to change the batteries for your garage door openers.

June: Primary Bedroom

We have taken care of the communal and outside spaces. Now, it’s time to focus on ourselves. Get rid of all your clothes, nightstands, and dressers. Anything that doesn’t fit, isn’t functional or clutters up a space designed to promote calm should be thrown out. Once you have a clear idea of what’s left, it is time to organize to maximize space and make it easy to find. After you are done, get out your bedding and remove the skirt.

July: Office

The most chaotic places can be found in home offices. It is easy to stack things on your desk and promise that you will get rid of them later. You can go through your papers and toss the ones you don’t use. Then scan the junk mail and destroy the rest. Take a look at everything you have to replace, donate, or dispose of. You can organize your office space to optimize efficiency. Tech-wise, clean your electronics and disinfect your keyboard. To manage your cords, you should use a cord management kit or cover box.

August: Dining Room

The number of guests you have will determine the difficulty or ease of your dining area. To find any stains or holes in the linens and cushions, do a thorough inspection. Wash and dry linens after they have been washed or thrown away. Be extra careful with heirlooms. Your china should be hand washed and polished so guests can enjoy it when they arrive.

September: Mudroom, Entryway

September is here, which means that school is finished and winter holidays and colder weather are upon us. September is the ideal time to clean out your entryway or mudroom. This month is easy because of the small spaces and the simple cleaning. Attention to shoes, jackets, and mats. Don’t throw away, repair, donate or trash anything you don’t use. Once you’ve taken care of these items, you’re done.

October: Laundry Room

We all know that the laundry room needs to be cleaned more often, but we neglect it. The first step is to move your washer and dryer. Be sure to collect any socks or washcloths that are missing from your dryer vent and lint trap filter before you start washing them. This will improve the dryer’s heating capability and speed up drying times. Before you place your washer and dryer back in their original places, clean the floor and back. After cleaning your dryer and washer, take inventory of your laundry items.

November: Storage Areas

The most neglected rooms in your home are the attic and closets. It’s possible to find that missing glove, your old yearbooks, or Aunt Lucy’s broken china. To maximize efficiency, you should focus on organizing and decluttering your storage space.

December: Bedrooms for Children

As gift-giving season slows, so does the clutter. You can help your children get rid of clothing that doesn’t fit or toys that aren’t being used and other items that shouldn’t be there. You can then work with your children on organizing their closets, cleaning out plastic toys, and washing soft toys and stuffed animal. You should clean all bedding, including the skirts. Before you leave the month, make sure to inspect the whole room. You should be aware of watermarks, drawings, and broken slats.

Any time of the year is a great time to call Brunswick Organizing Solutions to help decluttering your home. We also provide senior downsizing for anyone looking to move in 2022.

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Professional Organizer – Restore Disorder to Order

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senior downsizing brunswick nc

How can you help a senior downsize?

There are many benefits to downsizing your home in your golden years, especially when you hire senior moving help. You will have lower energy bills and a smaller living space. It also gives you the opportunity to move closer to loved ones. It is a great way to move on to the next phase of your life. Decluttering and downsizing for seniors can be difficult and painful. It’s not easy to say goodbye to the home where they have raised their family.

This guide will make it as easy as possible for seniors and their loved ones to declutter and senior downsizing Brunswick SC. This guide will help you plan for the transition and offer guidance to loved ones. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open and take each step as it comes. Don’t rush, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and never do anything until you are ready.

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The Ultimate Guide To Room-by-Room Organization Part 2

Here’s the second part of the ultimate guide to home organizing.

Click here for Part 1.

Organize Your Dining Room

Dining rooms are used for more than just sharing a meal. It’s a place where kids do their homework. It’s also an area where you check your bills or do a few tasks you brought from work. Clutter can easily pile up in your dining room and that’s why you need to know how to keep it as organized as you can. Here are a few kitchen organizing tips you need to know.

  • Your dining room must never be the catch all space in your home. It’s not the place for paperwork, coats, backpacks, books, and other items that are not supposed to be in the dining room.
  • You need to clearly define where your dining room space is and the purpose it will serve. Designate the appropriate storage space and other areas that will help you keep the area tidy, neat, and fully functional.
  • Reduce the clutter by removing chairs that are not needed. Don’t keep 12 chairs if you’re only 5 in the family.
  • Consider adding buffets and sideboards. They’re not only good as décor but they’re also perfect storage spaces.
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Extended Treasures

Relocating has it’s challenges! Inevitably, you wind up in your new home and begin to question yourself:

“I had no doubt that this must come with me; it means a lot to me and I can’t let it go.”  The point is that it brought you joy in your former state of being, your former home. The question now is, “Does it bring you joy now?”  The answer to this critical question (be totally honest with yourself) determines one of several paths you may now explore.

You can sell it, gift (donate) it, or re-purpose it; even if the answer is ,”Yes, it does still bring me joy …”

If it is not “working” with your current situation you can donate or sell. Hold a ceremony, take your time, and thank it for the pleasure it has shared with you! Then allow it to share the same with others of this life …

~   Let It Be   ~

A more palatable option is to allow it to extend its life by re-purposing. Everything Old Is New Again can be your mantra! Exhaust the number of options at your fingertips! Discuss options with others, check out creative sites like Pinterest, Real Simple (magazine) and perhaps take a chalk painting class!

When you extend your mind to new possibilities the result can be life changing ~


The pictures shown here of Karen’s Early American dining room set (which belonged to her husband’s parents) was re-purposed in their new home that complements their coastal theme decor.  She used farmhouse chalk paint and washed with tea stain and silver wax on hardware!!

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