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Tips For Helping Seniors In Organizing Their Home

Home organizing provides several advantages to promote healthy aging. With numerous advantages to having an organized home such as better mental clarity, reduced stress levels and risk of injury, why don’t you begin take back your space? The advantages could extend to quality of life now and in the future.

Home Organizing Tips For Your Senior Loved One

Experts at Brunswick Organizing Solutions said that the most excellent way to begin organizing is to assess your senior loved one’s situation and create a plan together. Check their house and look for potential problems. Is their garage, basement, or attic overstuffed? Are their pantry or kitchen cabinets filled with cans of food that are already expired?

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The Ultimate Guide To Room-by-Room Organization Part 2

Here’s the second part of the ultimate guide to home organizing.

Click here for Part 1.

Organize Your Dining Room

Dining rooms are used for more than just sharing a meal. It’s a place where kids do their homework. It’s also an area where you check your bills or do a few tasks you brought from work. Clutter can easily pile up in your dining room and that’s why you need to know how to keep it as organized as you can. Here are a few kitchen organizing tips you need to know.

  • Your dining room must never be the catch all space in your home. It’s not the place for paperwork, coats, backpacks, books, and other items that are not supposed to be in the dining room.
  • You need to clearly define where your dining room space is and the purpose it will serve. Designate the appropriate storage space and other areas that will help you keep the area tidy, neat, and fully functional.
  • Reduce the clutter by removing chairs that are not needed. Don’t keep 12 chairs if you’re only 5 in the family.
  • Consider adding buffets and sideboards. They’re not only good as décor but they’re also perfect storage spaces.
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The Ultimate Guide To Room-by-Room Organization Part 1

Many people want to their home to be organized. If you are a senior who recently downsized, a college student with lots of things cramped up in a very small space, or perhaps a very young couple who are just starting a life and want to have an organized home, to begin with. A lot of people want to be organized but have no idea where to start. So, here’s the ultimate home organizing Wilmington NC guide for every room you have at home.

You might be wondering why you need to get organized. First of all, you will save a lot of time that you would otherwise spend going through the clutter just to find a certain item. Aside from that, a home that’s clutter free will make you feel less stressed, not only you but also for your whole family. Even if you are living alone in your home, these ultimate life hacks for room by room organization will make you feel more accomplished and relaxed.

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Tips For Organizing and Maximizing A Small Space

Having small space should not prevent you from having an organized home. Listed below are some home organizing tips for homeowners with limited space at home.

small spaces

Identify what you have to store and where you want to store it.

Create an inventory of the things that you own before you move to your new home. Segregate the items that you want to keep, get rid of, sell at a garage sale, or donate to charity. You also need to know where you want to store the items you wish to keep. This could be the bedroom, hall closet, or perhaps an off-site storage space.

Know what items need to be accessible.

You can keep all your out of season clothes on the highest spot in your closet. Another good storage location for such items is under the bed. Meanwhile, items that you use all the time like cleaning supplies and toiletries must be kept on locations that are easily accessible. Consider adding over the door storage or door shelves for items you always use instead of placing them in boxes. These will help organize small spaces more efficiently.

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How To Sell Your Parent’s House Fast

Whether you’re parents are moving to a senior living community or already deceased, here are the things you need to do to sell their home fast.

Emotional Stress When Selling Your Parent’s House

The experience you get when you sell your parent’s home is different if you are selling your own house. It can be a very stressful process, not to mention the detail that goes into everything, from beginning to end.

Perhaps you have already accepted that you have to let go of your childhood home or maybe you have realized that this particular loss foretell the passing of your parents. Aside from that, your mom or dad may be afraid of losing independence apart from feeling sad or angry about leaving.

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Home Organizing Tips For Thanksgiving

What are some home organizing tips for Thanksgiving? Does this mean having sticky notes all over your house? Or do you just wish that everything will go according to plan? Below are some home organizing tips for hosting the best Thanksgiving ever.

Home Organizing Tips You Need To Know

You’ll save time and stress if you have a plan. This guide will give you everything you need for organizing your home for the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration. This will help you mark off the things that need to be done and enjoy this day with your family.

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Become More Efficient With These Desks Organizing Tips

Having a disorganized desk can result in lost time and opportunities, damaged relationships, and stress. Did you know that your desk can have a huge effect on you? You may have to consider organizing your desk if you’re constantly misplacing documents, missing appointments, forgetting to call back clients, or failing to call your clients back. If your home is cluttered, then you have the option to hire a professional organizer.

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Home Organizing: Where Do You Start?

Are you interested in home organizing? If yes, have you ever wondered where you should start? You need to begin with your storage spaces, which at first, would seem counterintuitive. Why not begin in your living room or kitchen, since these are the places in your home that you use the most.

The main idea here is to come up as much storage space as you can before you start organizing the rooms you always use. By doing so, you will have enough storage space once you move on to the spaces and rooms you use the most.

Home Organizing Tips

Storage Spaces

The place to start organizing is the storage space. When you dive deeper into your home, you will be doing a lot of decluttering and you will have to rearrange a lot of things. You should organize your storage space first so that when you find clothing, appliances, books, shoes, as well as papers, they will all have a place to go. They’re going to be tidy, neat, as well as clutter free.

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How Can Home Organizing Help Relieve Stress

There are many reasons why people feel stressed. It could be due to their work, financial struggles, family issues, and other aspects of their lives. When you come home, you want to go to a place that’s safe and comfortable. But does your house offer the perfect setting to de-stress or does it cause you more stress, instead? If you have a poorly decorated, disorganized, and cluttered home, then relaxing and destressing will most likely be impossible. Perhaps it’s time to start a home organizing project.

Why Is Home Organizing Important?

  1. Clutter Causes Stress

Staying in a cluttered room can stress you out. When your eyes see many things at the same time, your brain processes too much information, which can make you feel annoyed and distressed.

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How To Clean A Loved One’s Home After A Death

Whether it’s preparing the house for a sale or clearing items out, dealing with a home after the passing of a loved one could be emotionally difficult. Here are some steps you can take to help you empty the house, organize your home, and prep it for sale.

Forward the Mail and Change The Locks

Securing the premises is the first thing you have to do  when organizing a house. You don’t know how many people have keys to the house. Instead of trying to collect all of the spare keys from relatives, friends, and cleaners, why not change the locks instead? Also, don’t forget to forward the mails of deceased person to your office or home by filling out a form for a change of address with USPS and other services. Doing this will help you figure out who are the creditors of the deceased and if payments are current. This will also help you determine which subscriptions you need to cancel.

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