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Whether it’s preparing the house for a sale or clearing items out, dealing with a home after the passing of a loved one could be emotionally difficult. Here are some steps you can take to help you empty the house, organize your home, and prep it for sale.

Forward the Mail and Change The Locks

Securing the premises is the first thing you have to do  when organizing a house. You don’t know how many people have keys to the house. Instead of trying to collect all of the spare keys from relatives, friends, and cleaners, why not change the locks instead? Also, don’t forget to forward the mails of deceased person to your office or home by filling out a form for a change of address with USPS and other services. Doing this will help you figure out who are the creditors of the deceased and if payments are current. This will also help you determine which subscriptions you need to cancel.

Look For Legal and Financial Papers

Search for any financial document and money in all corners of the house. There are people who store their money in the weirdest places. Some tape cash to the bottoms of the drawers, under the mattress, and even inside the crawl spaces.

Be on the look out for important documents like homeowner’s insurance policy, will, life insurance policy, bank account statements, brokerage account statements, letters from friends, and even articles, letters, and poems from the deceased.

Continue Paying The Bills

Although you may want to stop a few services, there are other bills that you need to keep paying. These include the homeowner’s insurance and the utilities. In case the seller has  reverse mortgage, the mortgage company should be notified right away and asked for the best time to settle the estate before they try to push for a house foreclosure.

Sort Out Personal Belongings

Sorting out the personal belongings of a loved one who passed away is probably the most emotional aspect. Create three piles to make the process easier. Separate items that you want to keep, items you wish to donate, and those that should be thrown away.

Prep The House For Sale

Clearing out the belongings and personal effects of a loved one is the first thing you need to do to preparing the house for sale. Once that’s done, you’ll have to make sure that the property is ready to be put out in the market. Here’s a checklist you can follow:

  1. Get rid of old or worn out furniture.
  2. Remove wall hangings.
  3. Consider the condition of the floor covering. Strip the carpet and refinish the floors if necessary. Change any cracked tile and don’t forget to buy a new carpet or clean the carpet that’s placed over plywood.
  4. Throw out any dated window coverings.
  5. Patch and repaint the walls if needed.
  6. Change any dated light fixtures and fix any cracks in the paint and ceiling.
  7. Get rid of any pet related items.
  8. Always clean from the top and then down to the bottom.

Always remember that you need to disclose to a possible seller in case someone died in the house. Don’t forget to ask your real estate agent regarding seller disclosures and if a death in the property is a material fact. Preparing a home for sale maybe difficult and time intensive but it can still be done correctly. You don’t have to do this alone, you can hire an expert in home organizing.

Call now if you need the help of a professional organizer to prepare a house after a loved one’s death.

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