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Americans spend a lot of time working. As a matter of fact, an average person spends over 90,000 hours in their life in their place of work, which is about a third of their lifetime. That’s why cleanliness is crucial and that’s where commercial organizing comes in.

Nobody wants to feel stressed. You don’t want to deal with the cluttered, messy, and uncleaned spaces in your house. Why should you allow that in your office? You should never underestimate the power of having a clean space. Even if you have a cluttered space, it could easily have negative effects on you and your employees.

People who work in a cluttered environment tend to feel overwhelmed and suffer from stress because they have to constantly look for documents, go through a dirty desktop, or step over several piles of clutter. This is not only stressful and frustrating but unsafe, too. Common areas that are unsanitized will be filled with germs. That’s why office cleaning is a must.

Why Commercial Organizing is Important?

Clutter lets you lose a lot of time at work whenever you have to look for a lost paper or digital files in a cluttered desk or computer. This leads to a lack of productivity in the office or any workplace. Harvard Business Review said workers lose as much as two hours searching for lost digital files. If you’re productive, you’ll be in a much better position to take on the next task effectively. That’s why you need to declutter.

Cluttered spaces could negatively affect your anxiety and stress levels, ability to focus, quality of sleep, and even your eating choices. Stress at work costs American businesses as much as $190 billion every year in health care expenses. It’s more crucial than ever to recognize the significant role that clutter takes on in your work life. That’s why downsizing and organizing are important.

Clutter can also affect your emotion. Studies found that emotional exhaustion and stress can cause employees to put off their decisions and keep more resources and documents for ongoing tasks within reach, which results in messy workspaces. Not only that, but your relationship can also be affected by mess and clutter. Workers that have cluttered desks tend to be more neurotic, less agreeable, and less conscientious, and these perceptions can negatively affect how they interact with other people. They may even negatively affect their career advancement.

Health Problems

Sanitizing the workplace including common areas and desks will keep germs away and cut back on the number of sick days while minimizing the clutter in the workplace, which means improved safety and productivity.

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