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These clutter and home organizing hacks can help you get rid of clutter if you’re stuck in a clutter slump. These clutter hacks will help you declutter every room of your home and eliminate all types of clutter.

These clutter hacks provide helpful home organizing and cleaning ideas.

Designate a spot for junk

It doesn’t matter if you keep junk near the front door, by the TV or in a drawer; it is best to limit your space to one area. You can store your odds and ends in a “junk box” near the front door. You can store receipts, business cards and hair ties in this place. A tray is another option if a bowl doesn’t suit your taste.

A caddy can be used to store remote controls in your TV or living room. A tray or caddy can make a heap of clutter useful. A muffin tin can be used to store small odds and ends in a junk drawer. You can organize your odds and ends in small containers that are easy to find.

You can only make junk boxes, trays, and drawers work if you regularly go through them and either trash the items or file them.

Magnetic Desk Organizers

It is easier to start decluttering if you have somewhere to donate your old clothes, shoes, or accessories. You can leave your gently used items at a local charity or donation center.

Hang Kids’ Artwork

To avoid clutter on the fridge, hang kids’ artwork using clips. Your kids’ artwork doesn’t have to be displayed forever. You can also make it more interesting by hanging it on magnets instead of just hanging it on your fridge.

Shower curtain rings can be used to hold just about everything

Shower curtain rods can be incredibly useful. They can be used in the bedroom to hang scarves, ties, or belts. They can also be used in the kitchen to hold dishrags or tea towels.

Declutter your Mudroom with Built-In Storage, Hooks and Bins

The entry or mudroom is often a place to dump your stuff. You can either DIY or create storage solutions for umbrellas, winter gear, and shoes. Move stuff off the ground and place hooks to organize your mudroom. A mudroom can be decluttered by adding shelves or cubbies to it.

Your mudroom will look and function better in the end.

Get ready with baskets

Use attractive baskets for quick living room decluttering. What basket is it holding? Are there toys for children, extra wires, and batteries? We don’t know. Living room guests will appreciate a tidy space. That’s it.

Make a clutter cabinet for home accessories

You can store accessories such as tchotchkes and picnic gear, candlesticks, centerpieces, and other decor items that you only display occasionally, such as picture frames, mementos and vases.

You can store them in an accessory cabinet or in project bins. You will know where these items are when you need them. You also know where they should go when you need to store them again.

Create a system for project magazines

You shouldn’t save one recipe from a magazine. You should have a system to manage the magazine content you want to keep. You can store recipes in your recipe folder, DIY project ideas and other information in your DIY project files.

Invest in a Shredder

A shredder is a great tool to manage paper clutter. You can shred your mail with a shredder to prevent junk mail from accumulating. You should also periodically check your files to see what you can remove.

Countertop Space Saver

You can get rid of the knife block, which takes up valuable counter space. Instead, place your knives on a magnetic strip that is attached to the wall or in a drawer that has a divider.

Make Storage-Friendly Furniture

Professional organizers suggest that you can use a bed as a storage unit. Furniture can be used as storage in small spaces. You might choose an ottoman with storage, nightstands that have drawers, or tall bookshelves.

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