I love Christmas time and especially making homemade cookies to share with my guests during the holidays and to give them as gifts to my family and friends!  I usually make at least 7 kinds of cookies! I recruited two friends to help this year and they graciously agreed.  In turn, they also got to take cookies home with them, as well.  I decided to double the cookie recipes to allow for plenty for each of us.

After locating the recipes the next step was looking at the ingredients.  First, I did an inventory of the things I had at home, then made a list of items that need to be purchased at our local grocery store.  Each of the helpers agreed to buy items from the list and they were asked to bring them on the cookie making day!

The next step was to set a cookie making day on a convenient date for each of us.   When that day came my friends arrived at the designated time we set and each was given a fun apron to wear, snacks, drinks, and all the items needed were ready to use! The types of cookies and their respective recipes were made available for each of us to view. I even had Google Home play Christmas carols to set the mood for our day together!

The kitchen was arranged by zones.  Next to the stove, zone 1, I placed the baking sheets, pot holders, and spatulas, the baking zone!  The next “zone” or zone 2 was the cookie making area.  This zone had 2 mixers, mixing utensils, bowls, measuring cups, and measuring spoons, readily available for use when needed!  Zone 3 was the ingredients zone.  I placed a portable table in the middle of the kitchen, since I don’t have an island, and had all the ingredients needed for all 7 cookies.  The ingredients were organized by wet and dry ingredients.  For example, flour, powdered sugar, sugar, oatmeal, baking soda, etc . were on one end of the table and on the other end were the “wet” ingredients; eggs, vanilla extract, almond extract and such.  Zone 4 was the cooling zone.  Once the cookies were baked, the cookies were transferred to cooling areas that were placed on wax paper.  The last zone, zone 5, was the packing station.  Once, the cookies were cooled, they were ready to be placed in containers.  I mostly use cookie tins over the years of cookie making.  I ask my friends to bring containers to take home their cookies.

Each of us, had assigned tasks to do so we never got into each other’s way.  For example, two of us mixed the ingredients while the other person manned the baking and cooling zones.

We had a great day of cookie making and my biggest recommendation is to be organized and prepared before your friends arrive to help!  The day flowed without a hitch and a good time was had by all!  The cookies  tasted pretty good, as well!!!

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