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In many homes, storage space is at a premium. You’ve probably heard some people complain that they have too many closets. The truth is they don’t. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to use the spaces efficiently using the following home organizing hacks.

Home Organizing Tricks to Create Additional Storage Space

Get Rid Of Stuff

Decluttering or getting rid of your stuff is the first step to home organizing. You have to learn how to declutter if you want to maximize your space. Clutter will drain your energy and it will cost you money and time. The best method of decluttering is to go through one room at a time. If your rooms are complicated or too big, you can split them into zones. For items that you’ve decided to let go but can still be used, you should consider consignment or donation.

Look For The Best Storage Solutions

You should always look for the best storage solution. This will help you create more space and it helps streamline your organization by allowing you to group things together.

Professional organizers suggest the use of clear plastic containers. They allow you to see what’s inside, which means it’ll be easier to find and retrieve things from storage.

Maximize All Available Space

You should make the most out of the space between your shoulders and knees. These spaces are the easiest to reach. You can place your frequently used items in these spots.

Vertical Storage

Most homeowners think of storage spaces from left to right. But, don’t forget about the space at your feet and above your head. These are perfect places where you can store holiday, worm, or little used items. Buy a sturdy step ladder so you can reach spaces in higher areas. But don’t store heavy items up above. When it comes to the space near your floor, the plastic storage container remains to be a perfect choice.

Pick The Right Products

Measure your storage spaces several times before you purchase racks, trays, or bins. You’ll end up feeling frustrated when you get home and find out that the container you purchased won’t fit in the spot where you planned to put it. The storage products you purchase must fit y our stuff. You need to plan ahead and never purchase on a whim. Bring a note card that has the measurements of your storage spaces. Purchase products that will nest together for easier stacking.

Don’t Forget To Label

Label markers are important when it comes to home organizing. They can be used for different purposes and provides your home organization with a professional and polished appeal. When you’re labelling your belongings, begin with the broad categories then move on to more narrow labels as you deem fit.

Consider Off-Storage Site

There’s a reason why you should organize your storage first before your living space. You need to make the most out of all the available spaces. So if you have a lot of things stored in your small kitchen then a neat and well organized storage space in a hall closet or basement will be helpful. Also, if you have a lot of items to store then an offsite storage unit may be your best option.

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