Home office spaces are often small and don’t have enough storage. These spaces can also be used as a sort of storage area for papers, books and other items that are worth saving but don’t fit in any other places. This can create a huge mess. Our small office organization checklist can help you organize and declutter your home office, whether it’s one room or one nook.

Declutter Ruthlessly

Reduce is the first step in home organization. This is such an essential part of organizing that whole systems have been created around it. You can choose to use the Mari Kondo method. Ask yourself “Does this spark joy?” It’s crucial to make a commitment, whether you choose the Swedish Death Cleaning method (which isn’t as scary as it sounds), or the Mari Kondo method. You’ll want to eliminate as much clutter as possible, especially if your office is small.

Be realistic about what you need and what you don’t. Is it unnecessary to keep paperwork that can be accessed electronically? Are there any extra pieces of furniture that don’t serve a specific purpose in your space? Are keepsakes possible to be stored? You can let go of anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. The next step after you have reduced the burden is to organize the rest.

Group and Categorize

After you have finished clearing out the space, look at what is left and consider categorizing it. Are your documents organized in logical groups? Corral your documents with paper clips or folders if they do not fall into logical groups. Are you able to store craft supplies in one clear container or bin? You might have some items that you own and others that belong to your children or family. You might have some items that you use frequently and other things you don’t. A desk drawer can be a great place to store small items like pencils, pens and markers. This will help you organize your home and make it more efficient. When you begin to see how things fit together, you can start thinking about where you will store them all.

Place It Away

Once you have sorted and categorized everything it is time to place it in the right place. Your stuff will determine the best way to store it. A file cabinet with dividers will be a necessity if you have lots of paperwork. A bookcase is able to hold books, binders and other items if you have enough space. You can organize your desk with a variety of organizers. For smaller items, drawer organizers, boxes or baskets can be used. You can use desktop organizers to keep clutter off your desk. Drawer dividers are also useful for keeping small items sorted.

Make the most of the space you have

You must make the most of every square inch in a small office. Think vertically first. Hanging file holders or wall-mounted shelving can make the most of your wall space. You can also choose a bulletin board or calendar that has storage. You can also add baskets to a pegboard.

Choose a small-scale corner or small-sized desk for office furniture. Bonus points if it comes with drawers. You can store other furniture pieces if you have the space. For example, a bench or ottoman that has a hollow centre. Check out our Storage Solutions That Double As Home Decor article for some great storage ideas.

Continue working on your workspace

It’s possible to not set up your office perfectly the first time, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up. It might take some time to get the hang of things in your office. You need to be aware of what you are using and what is wasting space. You don’t have to be afraid of changing things up and trying new arrangements until you find the right arrangement.

Small offices don’t need to be limited by space. You can organize your office using the simple tips above and create a space that feels right.

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