If your house is filled with clutter, it can be quite overwhelming to deal with a lot of stuff. Instead of taking it on at once, why don’t you begin with just five minutes? It is important to take baby steps. Even though it may seem that five minutes will not barely make a dent in your mountain of mess, but it’s going to be a good start. Take five minutes to declutter now, and another one tomorrow, and the following days.

Before you know it, you will have a cleared garage or closet and then you’ll eventually see that half of your house has been cleaned. Here are some basic and easy organizing tips you need to know.

Simple Tips To Declutter

Have a spot for papers – papers account for most of your clutter. It’s because you often put them in different spots like on your desk, table, counter, drawer, and even in your car. Find an in-box tray or specific place in your house where you should put all of your papers.

Begin clearing a starting zone – what you can do when home organizing is to clear one area. This will be your no-clutter zone. It could be a kitchen table or counter. Regardless of where you wish to start, you should create a rule. You cannot place anything on that spot that is not being used. Expand your no-clutter zone slowly until you’ve covered your whole house. Any unused exercise equipment should be hauled away and all the other things that you don’t use.

Clear the counter – all the flat spaces should be clear of clutter. Begin with one clutter and make sure to clear out everything you can. Make sure that  you take out all of the papers and all other junks that you’ve been putting on the counter as well.

Have a decluttering weekend – perhaps you do not want to do a huge decluttering session at the moment. But when you set up a schedule for later in the month, you could clear your schedule ahead of time and if you have a family then you can ask them to help you, too. The more help you get, the better. Get trash bags and boxes and create a plan for a trip to a charity where you can drop off the items that you want to donate. You may not be able to declutter the whole house during one weekend, but you will surely make a lot of progress.

Get five things and find places for each of them – these should be items that you use but you seem to just put anywhere because they don’t have places where they should be stored.  A professional organizer will recommend that you designate a good spot for them. So, make sure that you put these five items to their proper places once you are done using them.

Visualize the room – check the room and think about how you want it to look. What are the most important pieces of furniture in the room? What items don’t belong there? What is on the floor or the flat surfaces? Imagine the room when there’s no clutter. Keep what is important and get rid of the rest.

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