It can be a daunting task to declutter your entire home can be a daunting task, whether you are trying to downsize or simplify your life. It is best to declutter in stages. Focus on one area, one space or one zone of a room before moving onto the next. You will feel more confident as you see success in each step.

To declutter your home you don’t need any fancy tools. However, five bins or baskets are required for the following five purposes:

You can throw away items that have escaped their storage areas. This could be a coffee cup in your bathroom or a sweatshirt for the kitchen. These items can be returned in the designated places.

Recycle: This bin can be used to recycle paper, plastic or glass.

This container can be used to fix/mend items, such as shoes you don’t love but need to be cleaned.

Trash: You can designate one basket to hold items that you don’t want, and those that can be thrown away immediately.

Donate: You can designate one bin to hold items you wish to donate to a charity or another person. These items should be things you can see another person needing or wanting.

This task can be accomplished with bins, baskets or just cardboard boxes. These bins can be taken into every room or left in a central location in your home to help you organize. It is important to not go looking for containers as you declutter. Instead, set up your bins before you start.

These are some of the best ways to declutter your home using these five bins.

Tips to Declutter Your Home


Begin with your medicine cabinets. Get rid of all outdated medication, skincare, and makeup products. You can immediately put everything back in the cabinet. Keep the most used items at eye level.

Next, you can move on to any drawers in your cabinet. Take everything out and do a quick assessment of what you are keeping and what you are tossing. Place the items that you plan to keep in their drawers. The top drawers should contain the items that you use the most.

Next, repeat the process with your tub/shower. Final step: Take everything out of the bathroom sink and organize it.

Finally, you can quickly sort everything that didn’t have a home into the five bins or baskets you set up for this purpose.

The Bedroom

Make your bed. You won’t feel any progress if you have a messy bedroom.

Take a look at your nightstands, and take out anything that doesn’t belong. Then put it in your Put Away Bin. You can also throw away books that you haven’t read, broken glasses, pens, paper, and mail. You can recycle or throw out anything you don’t use such as empty tissue boxes or pens that are dry or broken. You can also hire declutter services Brunswick NC for professional assistance.

The same applies to the tops of your bureaus, chests, or dressers. Be careful with clothing lying around. Any clothing that is too bulky or needs to be folded or hung should go in the Put Away bin. You can also lay your clothes on your bed if you are concerned about it getting wrinkled.

Take each drawer out of the bureau. Take everything out. Take out any clothing that you don’t wear anymore and place it in your Donation bag. The clothing that you keep should be folded and stored.

Next, address the vanity table or desk you have in your bedroom. Put away all your stuff in your Put Away bin. You can toss any garbage and anything that you haven’t used for six months or more.

Return items to the correct places. All clothing should be folded, hung and stored. We’ll get to the bottom of your closet if you’re looking for help.


OK, deep breath. Now it’s time for you to clean out your closet. It is easiest to declutter your closet by sorting it. This means that you should start with your shoes and then move on to boots, dresses, denim, and then onto denim.

If you have a large collection of jeans, it’s easier to decide whether to keep or toss one pair. Start pulling out different clothing types and decide which you will toss and what you will keep.

After you have gone through every type of clothing you will now have four piles:

Anything that isn’t right place, put it away. Example: If you have socks that aren’t in your closet, place them in your dresser.

Place any dirty laundry in a hamper and bring it to the laundromat.

Any item that requires repair should be taken to the tailor or dry-cleaner.

Take your clothes to a consignment shop or donation center (online or brick and mortar).

Foyer, Mudroom and Entryway

Although you may not have a foyer or mudroom, you do have an entryway. It doesn’t matter how small, it is important to keep your entryway functional.

Begin downsizing by removing any consoles, tables, or desks from your entry. Take a look through each drawer and decide whether to keep or toss it. Also, check the tops of each console or desk. Are you sure there is enough space to store your keys and other essential items? You want everything to be easily accessible and not overcrowded. It will be easier to get out of your house each morning with the things you need.

You should organize your hall closet like any other closet. Start with shoes and boots, then go on to jackets, then accessories.

Another area that collects a lot of clutter is the entry. You can spend time clearing out clutter from other rooms.


It can be difficult to keep your kitchen clean because of so many activities that take place there, including cooking, eating, and socializing. The kitchen is filled with many types of things. It is possible to focus on one type of item in your kitchen (cutting boards or glassware or bakeware), or go through each zone of the kitchen.

First, empty every space and assess everything. Then, put everything back where it belongs. Your most important storage areas, such as the pantry or upper cabinets, should be your first priority. Next, move on to the lower cabinets, drawers and the area under the kitchen sink.

Concentrate on your countertops. As many items as you can off the countertops as possible and place them in storage. Only keep what you actually use on countertops.

Take your Put Away Bin and put everything that doesn’t belong there in another place in the house to storage.

Living Rooms

Living rooms are the most difficult rooms to maintain on a daily basis. It’s often used and there aren’t many storage options in living rooms. While you may have a few bookcases and a TV console to hide your stuff, they aren’t very useful. The key is to use

You should decide on permanent storage space for frequently used items like remote controls, magazines, or books.

This space should be cleared out regularly.

Begin with bookcases, consoles, and side tables. Next, move on to your entertainment center and coffee table. They should be empty and inspected for any items that are stored. Reduce paper clutter like mail, books, and remote controls. Fold blankets.

Now, let’s get on with electronics. Get rid of everything not connected to your TV or home theatre system. Is it being used? Is it working? You can store gadgets and chargers wherever you need them.

The toys should be examined. Every toy should be inspected for wear and tear. Is it still functional? Does it still work? Each toy can be recycled or stored. If you’re finding it difficult to determine which ones to keep and which ones to discard, you can ask a professional organizer Myrtle Beach for help.

Get your Put Away Bin and put everything in it back to its right storage place.

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