Now is the time. You’ve probably been preparing for this for quite some time. It’s Saturday, and the kids and husband are not home. You finally have the chance to declutter. You’ve already come up with a renovation plan for each room of your home and you have a pretty good idea of what you want to happen and where you should begin.

You begin in your closet. You are loving it and you know what you wish to achieve. You are taking out all of your clothes and you’ve began purging. Then your husband comes in and you wonder why he’s home early.  But when you check the time, you realize that you’ve been at it for six hours. And during that period you just managed to edit your “organize time” list, filled up some donation bags, and filled your room with shoes and clothes.

You ask yourself, why it took you so long to finish. You feel defeated, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Don’t be! Don’t allow your disorganization get you down. Any normal individual will feel overwhelmed when it comes to decluttering their entire house all at once. But with a few changes to your game plan, you’ll be on your way to having an organized home.

Don’t Think Too Big When Decluttering

Thinking too big is one of the most common mistakes when decluttering and home organizing. You have to slow down and think small especially if you want to take on this task on your own and not hire a professional organizer. You need to know that this won’t be an easy endeavor.

Some people think that they have acted on their desire to organize their house right away. But if you do, you’ll only end up failing to achieve your goal and you’ll feel demotivated. It’s better to create small goals, first. Start with a small space like your kitchen cabinets, laundry room, or closet. Start right away. Don’t wait around for the perfect time or schedule a particular day next week. Waiting around will just lead to higher expectations and you’ll end up thinking on a much bigger scale.

You think you can finish decluttering your closet in just one hour. So, you’ll be wondering why not take on your entire room? You believe that your room is already a bit organized so you’ll probably need less than three hours to finish your closet and your entire room.

But rather than scheduling a home organizing day, why don’t you tackle the space right away. Don’t forget to set a realistic day like before your husband’s birthday or before your in-laws get to town. By doing this, you will stay motivated without feeling anxious about the time constraint that you have put upon yourself. Work on it every day or at least a few times per week. There’s no specific number of hours. Just spend some of your free time on your home organizing task.

Home Organizing Mistake: Taking On Too Much

If you wish to reorganize your cleaning products or your clothes, then that’s all well and good. Do it. If a space in your home needs a few home improvements, then start with home organizing. Begin with the things in that particular space in case there’s no need to make any improvements in the area. After placing everything optimally, you can now look at the space and determine what needs to be enhanced. This will help make the process less daunting on your part. Don’t forget to follow the KISS principle, which basically means “keep it simple stupid!”

Finally, don’t limit yourself to a specific amount of time. It’s all about scheduling. However, once you’re dealing with organizing your things, you’ll have to deal with time constraints. Let’s just say you’re moving to a new house. All of your things are packed in boxes. Once you start unpacking, you’ll be doing more than just that. You’ll be taking a trip down memory lane. The things you unpack will remind you of something. When you are reorganizing, it’s a familiar experience and there’s no time limit when it comes to taking a trip on memory lane.

Don’t be overwhelmed with decluttering and home organizing. Call Brunswick Organizing Solutions and let our professional organizers help you.

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