It can seem overwhelming to clean out a storage space you haven’t been in for a while. Experts have strategies that will help you declutter and tackle the task.

Decluttering Tips

Step by step cleaning out storage units

Step 1: Create an inventory

Start by opening up boxes and taking out items to check what you have. You should see the task as a positive experience. It is possible to find family heirlooms and valuable items that you can sell or donate to charity.

Take stock of the items you can access and see if they are stacked up wall to wall in your unit. It is possible to find unexpected surprises in a cluttered unit, which will require additional effort and time.

Step 2: Create a game plan

Once you have a clear picture of your unit, you can start to plan what you will do with it. You can make a list of the items you want to keep, those you are giving away, or donating, as well as items that you plan on selling or trashing. It is not easy to clean out storage units. However, you will be more efficient if you have a plan.

You will need a large vehicle to transport heavy items, such as furniture or appliances, from your unit. Now is the best time to arrange to rent a truck.

Step 3: Lighten Your Load

You can give away large items by selling them or giving them away. The recipients will be able to pick items up from your self-storage unit. If the items are in good condition, some non-profits will take them away for free. These pick-ups can be scheduled before your big cleanout day to reduce the number of items that you need to move. If you sell your stuff, you will have extra money in your pocket. You can sell your items quickly by taking photos and posting free ads on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Step 4: Recruit Helping Hands

You might find it more difficult to clean out a storage unit in one day.

Ask for help from your friends if you are able. As a group, go through boxes and sort items by destination (thrift store or landfill). You can hire hourly assistance through an app if your friends seem to be busy cleaning out your storage unit. Any hourly labor service that can load or move items within your storage unit can be used.

Brunswick Organizing Solutions can help you declutter and organize your house so you don’t have to worry about putting your things in a storage unit. Our professional organizers are skilled, experienced, and certified in providing expert help to people who are struggling to organize their houses. You can rest easy knowing that an expert will be there to guide you all the way.

Step 5: Get rid of the trash

You should take care of items that are going to the dump. You can usually use the dumpster at most storage facilities, but there may be restrictions on what you can put in it. You can take more trash to the landfill or recycle center if you have more than what you can fit in the dumpster at the storage facility.

You could also hire a junk hauler to collect your trash. Many offer storage unit cleaning services. They can recycle or recover any valuable items, and then dispose of the rest in a landfill. This option is best saved for the last.

Step 6: Load up your items

You can load everything you want to keep or sell into a van or truck. You should have a plan in place for each item you bring home. It is not a good idea to just fill your garage or basement with stuff.

Start taking photos and listing your items immediately if you have any. You can also unload your items and schedule a garage sale for the next day. No matter what your preferred method of selling, you should be prepared to follow through so that you don’t end up with piles of clutter in your home.

Step 7: Transform Your Unit

After you have unloaded all contents, sweep the unit with a broom. You must remove all contents from the unit or you may be charged a large cleaning fee by the storage facility. It should be in the same condition as you found it. To prove its condition, take a photo of the unit using your smartphone.

Last, take out the lock and inform the manager that the unit has been vacated.

Cleaning Tips for Your Storage Unit

Set a deadline. Naylon suggested that you pick a date for the project to begin and then stick to it. She said, “That will help motivate you.”

Split the task into smaller parts. It may take several trips to sort through all your belongings. Allot enough time for this task.

Avoid the garbage dump. Naylon stated that she always tries to find a home for all the items her clients don’t need anymore. She said that the last thing you should do is haul things to the nearest dumpster. Many thrift shops will send a truck to collect your donations for free.

Don’t turn your home into a storage unit. To remove clutter from their homes, many people rent storage units. You shouldn’t reverse the process by making your basement or garage a storage unit.

You should ensure you have enough help. It can be lonely and difficult to do the job by yourself. The task will be easier if you have friends or professional organizers to help.

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