Whether you’d like to organize your life or it’s part of your downsizing effort, decluttering your whole house is a huge job. It’s better to deal with it in stages, to concentrate on a single room, space, or even a single zone in a room such as your kitchen cabinets, finishing the whole job before they move on to the next space. This would also build confidence while experiencing notable success at every step.

Decluttering Bins

  • Put Away – it’s a bin for the things that have moved out of their storage spaces.
  • Recycle – it’s a bin for the things that need to be recycled
  • Fix/Mend – it’s a bin for the things that should be repaired
  • Trash – it’s a bin for the things that need to be thrown away
  • Donate – it’s a bin for the things that can be donated.

The Bathroom

When it comes to home organizing, begin with the medicine cabinet. Take out everything and get rid of outdated skincare products, medications, and makeup. Put all the things that you will be keeping right back into the cabinet, keep the items that you use all the time at eye level.

Then move to the cabinet drawers. Take out everything and check what you want to keep and discard. Place the items you want to keep back into the drawers with the ones that you use the most in the top drawers.

Do the same thing with your tub/shower. Lastly, pull all out from below the bathroom sink and declutter. Finally, all the items that don’t have a home cold be sorted out quickly using the five bins mentioned earlier.

The Bedroom

Make your bed first so you won’t have a hard time decluttering your bedroom because of an unmade bed. Begin with the nightstands and get rid of anything on them that does not belong there and place them on the put away bin. This might include books that you have already finished reading, broken pens, paper and mail, and broken eyeglasses.

Items that you no longer use can either be recycled or thrown out. Some good examples are empty tissue boxes, pens that already went dry, charges that don’t work. Move on to your chests and dressers and do the same. Pay close attention to any clothing that’s strewn about. All that needs to be hanged or folded must go into the put away bin. In case you are afraid that it might wrinkle further, you could lay the clothes down on your bed.

Then, you should go through every drawer of each bureau. Take out everything. Pull out the items that you no longer wear and place them in your Donation bin. Fold and then store all the other things that you wish to keep.

If you have a vanity table or a desk in your bedroom, then that’s the next thing you have to tackle. Don’t be tempted to place things back into the drawers instead, you can put them in your put away bin. Recycle or toss anything that you have not used in the past for more than six months. Return everything to their proper homes. Hang or fold and store any clothes. In case you are now eyeing your closet, do not worry. You’ll be taking care of that next.

Closet and Clothing

The easiest way when it comes to organizing your closet is to tackle it by clothing type. That means begin with shoes and then move on to the boots, dresses, denim, etc.

It is much better to decide to keep or toss a pair of jeans if you are looking at your whole jean collection all together. So begin pulling out various kinds of clothing and determine which ones you will keep and toss. Once you are done going through all types of clothing, you will end up with four piles that you have to deal with.

  • Put away everything that was just in the incorrect spot. In case you had pairs of socks in your closet, place them back in your dresser.
  • Put away dirty laundry into the hamper or you can bring it to your laundry room.
  • Put away all the items that need to be fixed. They should either go to the dry cleaner or to the tailor.
  • All the consignments or donations will go to a consignment store or donation center.




The Entryways, The Mudroom, and The Foyer

If you don’t have the traditional foyer or mudroom, you surely have an entryway. It does not matter how small it is, the best method to make the entryway as functional as possible is to declutter it on a regular basis. Begin with any desk, side table, or console that you may have in your entry. Go through every drawer, get rid of the contents, and decide which ones to keep or toss. Go over the tops of every console or desk.

Do you have a spot for your keys and other crucial items? Be sure that everything can be easily accessed and not overly crowded. This will make it far easier to leave the home with what you have every morning. The hall closet must be decluttered too just like any other closet. Begin with boots and shoes and then jackets and accessories. The entry way is one of those spots that easily picks up clutter from the other rooms. So make sure you spend enough time to put away things from the other rooms that have found its way to the entry.

The Kitchen

It can be challenging to keep your kitchen clutter free since there are many different activities that happen there like eating, cooling, and socializing. Consequently, the kitchen has different kinds of items that are store in it. You can choose to declutter the kitchen by concentrating on a single category like glassware, bakeware, or utensils. You can also go by zone through every part of the kitchen.

Empty every space completely, evaluate every item and place all of them back where they belong. Begin with the pantry, upper cabinets, and other powerhouse storage. Once done, you can move onto the drawers, lower cabinets, and the space underneath the kitchen sink.

Lastly, focus on your countertops. Move as many things as you can off of the countertops and to the countertops. Get your put away bin and make sure to return all the things that do not belong in the kitchen back to its rightful place.

The Living Room

One of the hardest rooms to declutter in your home is the living room. It is also one of the most difficult spots to keep neat on a regular basis. That’s because it is always being used and living rooms do not have a lot of storage features. Even if you have a TV console or a bookcase, they do not hide that much. What you have to do is create a permanent storage space for items that are commonly used like the remote control, books, and magazine.

Declutter your living room on a regular basis.

Begin with the side tables, console, and bookcases. Then you can move onto the coffee table and the entertainment center. Make sure to empty them and evaluate the items they store and then place them back into their appropriate storage spaces. Action all your mails, put all your books away, return the remote controls, fold the blankets, and so on.

Then tackle the electronics. Get rid of everything that is not linked to your home theatre system or your television. Are you using it and does it work? Store things like gadgets, chargers, and gaming devices where you use them.

Finally, deal with the toys. Evaluate every toy for signs of wear and tear. Does it still work? Do your children still play with the toy in question? Decide whether to store or recycle each toy. Get your put away bin and return all the things that belong in a different room to its appropriate storage space.

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