Whether you want to simplify your life or downsize your home, decluttering a whole house is a huge undertaking. The best way to get it done is to declutter in stages. You should focus on one space, one room, or one zone inside a room, finish the job first before you transfer to the next room. This will help you build confidence as you notice visible success at every step.

Fancy tools are not required during home organizing. But you do need to have five bins to serve five different reasons.

  1. Put away bin – for items that are not in their proper storage place.
  2. Recycle – for items that you have to recycle like glass, plastic, and paper.
  3. Repair – for items that you need to tinker like a pair of shoes.
  4. Trash – for items that you need to throw away.
  5. Donate – for items that you need to give to another person or a charitable organization.

If you don’t have bins, you can use cardboard boxes or baskets for this task. You have to take these bins with you into every room while you declutter or you can leave them in a space in your home that you can easily access.


Start with the medicine cabinet. Take out all its contents and arrange them as you put them back in. Make sure that you place the ones you use often at your eye level. Move on to your cabinet drawers. Check what you want to keep and which ones you need to remove. Place them back and make sure the items you use often are arranged in the top drawer. Then, declutter the items inside the cabinet under your bathroom sink.


Make your bed. That’s the first thing you need to do when decluttering your bedroom. Begin with the night stand then move on to your chests, dressers, and bureaus. Hang the clothes that need to be hanged and fold the ones that need folding. Don’t forget put items that need to be donated, repaired, thrown away, recycled, or put back to their proper places.

Closet Clothing

Your closet is one of the most dreaded part of the house when it comes to decluttering. Put away the things back to their proper places. All dirty laundry must be added into the hamper or the laundry room. Repair clothes that need repair and donate the ones that you no longer need or use.


Decluttering the kitchen can be difficult as well. But you need to do so on a regular basis if you want to have an organized home. Focus on a single category at a time or you can also go by zone through every part of your kitchen. Assess every space, every item, and then put them back to their proper places. Start with your storage spaces such as the upper cabinets and pantry. Then move to the drawers, lower cabinets, and the space underneath your kitchen sink.


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