decluttering for rent

declutter for rent

Airbnb currently has 4 million listings worldwide, with 650,000 in the United States. These short-term rental sites offer property owners a high turnover and easy income. It is best to think like a hotel manager when depersonalizing and decluttering your house. Simple and clean. Guests are aware that they’re staying at someone else’s house, but they also want to feel like they’re living in their own home.

Decluttering and organizing a vacation rental means removing all items that make guests uncomfortable or those that would make them feel as though they’re violating your personal space. You can easily do this if the place you’re renting out isn’t your primary residence. However, it is also possible to do this even if you live there. Here are some tips to make your rentals more comfortable.

Decluttering Tips For Vacation Rentals

Choose A Theme

Choose a style that will make your photos stand out from the hundreds of other listings. It will be easier to coordinate accessories, decor, and utility items if you stick with one theme.

  • Nautical
  • Urban Modern
  • Farmhouse
  • Beach Inspired
  • Bohemian
  • Shabby Chic
  • Industrial

Your Bathroom Must Be On Point

The bathroom is the most visited place in a rental home. You’ll want this room to be clean, comfortable and presentable.

Take out stained and faded towels. Stained towels are not something anyone wants to use. Your guests should feel clean and fresh after a bath. You can choose a set of towels that matches your chosen theme. Take out half-empty and mismatched soap products. You can use the same brand for shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, and body wash. It will be easier to stock up and give your bathroom a more organized look.

The Kitchen Should Be The Focal Point

Who’s hungry? Your guests! It’s not always possible to go out for dinner every night when staying in a vacation rental. You must ensure that your rental property has the proper equipment to serve the maximum number of guests who are allowed to stay at the property.

Organize the kitchen. Clear out the countertops except for what is absolutely necessary. Only a coffee maker, toaster, dish drying rack, and paper towels should be visible from the kitchen counter.

Imagine that your guests will be looking through all of your cabinets. A half-eaten bag of potato chips or random, unrecognized foods in zip lock bags can be a big turnoff. Furthermore, don’t forget to arrange plates, cups, bowls, and other items in a neat manner.

Take everything out of the fridge. If you are unable to remove all the contents of your refrigerator due to the fact that you live there, you can clean the fridge out and clean it until it looks like new. To remove any sticky drip marks, rinse all condiments and bottle containers. Place your items on one side, and make a shelf for guests to use as a place to store milk or leftovers from the restaurant.

Bedrooms Must Be Comfortable

A well-organized vacation rental will have bedrooms that are clean and organized. It must look and smell fresh. Be sure the linens and pillow covers are clean. The room must be tidy. The closet must be empty. You can hire a professional organizer to help you determine how to best declutter your property.

The Living Room Must Be Cozy

This is obvious. This is true regardless of whether it’s a family game night or a sporting event. It’s important to ensure that the living room in any rental home has all the amenities necessary to make it a comfortable place to relax after completing countless hours of fun.

Next week we will be attacking one room at a time and showing you tips on how to stay organized even with renters or temporary guests. Watch our Facebook page for posts.

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