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Probably, you aren’t putting senior decluttering on your list when you plan your major aging in place home renovations and renovation projects. But clutter can pose a safety risk in an aging-in place home.

Decluttering has the obvious benefit that it removes tripping hazards. A home for the elderly should not only provide safety but also take care of a senior’s mental health. No matter what age, clutter can reduce anxiety and stress. Clear countertops, tables, and floors make it easier to keep your house clean. Adults who are aging in place will reap the many benefits of clearing out clutter from their homes.

It’s not always easy to convince your parent about senior decluttering

It’s one thing for you to see the benefits of decluttering if you’re already aging in place. It can be a challenge to convince parents that they should get rid of the clothing and other knick-knacks on their shelves, tables, and countertops.

It’s not hard to understand especially when it comes to senior downsizing. It’s understandable that older adults may have many memories in their possessions. This can make it difficult to purge what is truly unnecessary.

Adults who are looking to live longer in their homes should declutter. It is easier to give each item a home by decluttering and giving it a home.

A little preparation and lots of home organizing products are necessary for decluttering

To declutter your parents’ home and make it easier for them to maintain their clutter-free home after you have gone, you need to plan where your household items will live. These are the top products that can help them organize, according to professional organizer Brunswick NC.

Closet Organizers

Hanging Storage Shelf

A hanging shelf is an ideal solution for decluttering and making the most of every inch of your closet space. Hanging storage shelves in closets take up very little space. This gives bulky clothes a place and makes it easier for parents to find what they need.

Shoe Rack

Your parent may lose their balance if they bend down to grab a pair of shoes. Your parent can organize shoes by placing them on a tall shoe rack. This will allow your parent to keep shoes at eye level.

Large Clothing Storage Bags

Clothing storage bags are great for parents who have clothes that they can’t part. These large bags are great for comforters. They can be used in the winter and are safer than putting a blanket on top.


If your parent has accumulated clothing over the years they either need or want to keep, an armoire can be a safe alternative to putting it on top of a closet shelf. Armoires are great for aging-in place bedrooms. They can be hung at eye level, which is a different thing from shelves. You don’t have your parent bend over and risk losing their balance or falling while dressing.

Pantry organizers

Clear Pantry Storage Bins

Pantries can get cluttered on their own, or so it seems. This can make it difficult for your parents to find the items they need, especially if they have poor eyesight. Clear storage bins are the easiest way to organize pantry items and make them easy to find. Each bin can be easily removed by your parent so they can reach the items they need.

Undershelf Pullout Baskets

For the elderly-in-place, pull-out baskets are ideal. Your parent can easily lose their balance if they reach too far back in the pantry. This is especially true if the shelves are very deep. Pull-out baskets allow your parent to bring all their pantry items right to their door, making it easy for them to find what they need.

Home Office Station

Letter Holder

Everybody has that stack of mail on their kitchen counter. Clear the clutter from your kitchen counter by using a simple letter holder. So that bills and letters don’t go missing, your parent can organize them in one place.

Magazine Holder

A magazine holder is a great way to keep larger amounts of mail in one place. Instead of having them scattered around the house, they can be kept together on a single shelf.

Home Office Supply Organizers

Everybody has a drawer that holds all the miscellaneous things that don’t belong in a place. This is called the clutter drawer. It is not a good idea for your parent to have to dig through a messy drawer in search of a pen, scissors or notepad, especially if their eyesight is poor or they have trouble with their hands. It’s easy to set up a home office organizer. This desk organizer can be placed anywhere you like, even on your kitchen counter. It will give all the stuff in your clutter drawer a home.

Garage Storage

Storage Shelves

The garage is also important. Another place that attracts clutter is the garage and you may need Myrtle Beach SC organizing help. A cluttered garage floor can result in an older person, especially one with mobility problems, falling on a concrete floor. You should look for adjustable shelves with different heights. Your parent shouldn’t reach up on a high shelf to lose their balance.

Outdoor Tool Hangers

Rakes, shovels and brooms shouldn’t be left on the garage floor in an older-in-place house. A tool hanger can be a simple solution to get outdoor tools off the ground and up on the wall at eye level. This product is essential if your parent wishes to maintain their garden or yard safely.

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