Having a disorganized desk can result in lost time and opportunities, damaged relationships, and stress. Did you know that your desk can have a huge effect on you? You may have to consider organizing your desk if you’re constantly misplacing documents, missing appointments, forgetting to call back clients, or failing to call your clients back. If your home is cluttered, then you have the option to hire a professional organizer.

Tips For Organizing Your Desks

  1. Clear everything from your desks except for the printer, scanner, desktop computer, and other items that may be too heavy to move.
  2. Clean your desk.
  3. Create a home for your desktop computer or laptop. Be sure that you have sufficient room on each side of your computer.
  4. Depending on whether you’re right or left handed, assign a clear zone off to the computer’s size, in case you need to use a pen and paper for taking notes or to edit a printed document.
  5. Place your phone in a visible area in on your desk. In case you have a corded phone, be sure to place it on the other opposite side of your writing area so that the cord won’t get in your way in case you need to write.
  6. Use a small jar or a pencil holder where you can keep items that you use frequently like pencils, letter opener, and pens. Only the school supplies that you use regularly should be visible and keep all the others tucked away.
  7. If your desk doesn’t come with a top drawer then place the tape and stapler near your pens and pencil.
  8. Home organizers said that having stackable wall pockets can help if you need more storage. It’s always a good idea to make use of vertical wall space.
  9. Create a mail sorter on your desk for outgoing and incoming mail.
  10. Keep the files for your active projects well organized by using a vertical file sorter. In case you have not accessed certain files for thirty days, then you may be able to move it to the inactive file list.
  11. Avoid placing awards, photographs, or food items on your desk. These things will only distract you. You should limit the personal items that you add to your work space. It’s best if you place on your bookshelves on top of your filing cabinet or on the wall.

It seems like organizing your desk is difficult but it’s not, really. Check your desk now. Is it organized? Or do you need to do some cleaning?

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