It’s now. You have made the difficult, but sometimes liberating decision to downsize. It may seem like it will be easy. You can pack your stuff and pass it on to your children, then move on to a simpler life in your new home. Right?

But not so fast. You might be thinking that Katie will want Aunt Millie’s silver and china, and that Michael and his wife would love to trade their IKEA furniture in for your heavy antiques. But think again. Your kids won’t be interested in your stuff. Aunt Millie’s. Your grandkids? Sorry, no.

Downsize Problems: Kids Do Not Want More Stuff

A senior move manager can assists seniors in all aspects of moving. One of my first things they do is warn senior clients about trying to gift things to their kids. It doesn’t always work out.

There used to be stories about adult children fighting over stuff after their parents died. But that is no longer the case. People no longer live in the same location for 50 years as their parents. Gariti states that young people tend to move more and don’t want more stuff than they need. What you hoped for 30+ years ago has actually come to pass. Your once messy teenagers are now clutter-free adults. The “good china” is no longer the best for millennials and Gen X kids.


Don’t worry if your children don’t like your stuff as much as you do. These are some other options for seniors who want to downsize.


This is the easiest. This is the easiest. Broken items. Cassette tapes. Photos of your ex. Go ahead — toss ’em.


Next, identify items that you don’t want and that may be valuable to someone else. To determine if your items are valuable, consult a professional such as an antique dealer, jeweler or consignment shop. This process will be handled by a professional organizer or move manager. The basic idea is that sometimes it’s easier for you to let go of something if someone else feels the same way. It doesn’t hurt to have the money!


It may seem like an option that is only available to the very last resort. You don’t have to store something hoping that your children will decide otherwise. If someone else can use it, why not? Seniors feel a lot of satisfaction when their unwanted items are given to someone who can use them immediately. It’s easier to let go of stuff when you know they will be appreciated and used. We think you’ll be glad you did.

Habitat for Humanity and St. Vincent de Paul are just a few of the nationally recognized organizations that will gladly accept donations. You can also try a local thrift shop, senior center loan closet, or church thrift shop. Have you got old pet items such as food bowls, crates, towels, and blankets that are no longer needed? Donate them to the Humane Society, a rescue group for pets or the Humane Society. Computers and office supplies are often accepted by churches, schools, and other nonprofit organizations.


Do you still want your children to have something? Ask the kids what Old Photos they’d like. You might be surprised at the answer. They might want something smaller. They may want something more personal or meaningful. They may not want all their mom’s jewelry. Instead, they might prefer a few unique pieces. Common choices include pictures, small tables or a clock. These items won’t take up much space and might have a special memory.

The most important thing when you are downsizing is to realize that items that seem important often feel like that because of their personal meaning. It’s not the item itself that is important, but the memories we associate with it. You can always hire move help to make the process easier.

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