Downsizing is easier said than done especially when it involves parents. It requires careful thought, patience, and thorough planning. If you haven’t read the first part of this post, click this link. If you’re ready for the second part, then let’s proceed.

Before they find their next home, help your parents to reduce their possessions. Due to the amount of decluttering that must be done before they can sell their house, it will take on average three months.

Decluttering can be a physically and emotionally taxing task for seniors. Families should consider decluttering a process and not an event.

Guide To Downsizing

To break down the work, create a weekly plan

You don’t have to do the whole project in three months.

Once you have a plan, begin decluttering the spaces that are least important. For example, linen cabinets. Your parents can choose which rooms you will tackle first, and then move on to the more challenging rooms. Your parents will feel more confident and have greater emotional stamina if they are able to secure easy wins early in the process.

Donate or sell unwanted items in good conditions

Your parents can sell appliances and furniture on the internet. The money you make from selling the items can be used to pay for your parents’ moving costs.

To determine the value of antiques and collectibles, it is a good idea to take them to an appraiser before listing them online. Donate items that are of historical importance to your local historical society.

Donate any items that are left to charity. These items can be given to a local group, or left on the curb with a sign that says “free”.

If you have a lot of waste to dispose of, it is a good idea to rent a dumpster.

Renting a dumpster from a reliable company is a good option if you are expecting to have bags upon bags of trash.

Do not rush to reduce the “maybe” pile

Haste is almost always accompanied by regret. Reputable moving help companies suggest that seniors who are having trouble deciding what to keep should be treated with kindness by their families.

A few boxes can be used to store “maybe” items. This will help speed up the process. Each week, go through the box together with your parents to see what they need. Before your parents move in, pack all “maybe” items in a box. You can help your parents make final decisions once they have settled in.

Before you move, help your parents to reduce their possessions.

You’ll be able to see how much space your parents will have once they have purchased their next home. You can work with your parents to reduce the amount of stuff they still own.

Measure the new house of your parents, taking into account the dimensions of cabinets and closets. Next, calculate how many boxes you can fit into each storage space. This will give your parents an idea of the number of boxes they should bring to their new home. Avoid renting a storage unit for items that won’t fit into the new home if possible.

Protect your sanity by organizing your parents’ move

Once you have completed your decluttering, it is time to plan your move logistics. This is a crucial step that you must not underestimate. You will need to be organized and alert in order to assist your parents with a smooth transition.

Once you have a clear idea of the move date, search for and hire professional  moving helpers. To avoid any delays, book the company’s earliest available window on the day. Start packing your parents’ less-used items, such as holiday decorations and seasonal clothing, first.

Start packing more commonly used items like spare towels, kitchenware, or bathroom products as you get closer to the move-in date. To make the packing process easier, label every box with the following information:

  • Destination room (i.e., living room, master bedroom, etc.)
  • Weight: heavy, light, medium
  • Fragile (if necessary)
  • List of contents inside

Your parents should prepare their suitcases a few days in advance of the move. This includes clothes, medication, important documents, and hygiene products. They will have quick access to all their everyday possessions when they arrive at their new home.

Get ready for an emotional ride

No matter how well you and your parents plan for the move, it can cause sadness, guilt, and other emotions. During this final stage of your life, be sensitive and supportive.

As your parents begin to settle in, celebrate their downsizing.

It’s time for your parents to unpack and celebrate. Plan to go with your parents to visit the local hubs, and encourage them to get involved in their local community.

If your parents seem to be having trouble with the transition, you can help them by being patient and reminding them of all the benefits they have gained from downsizing their home.

Compassion is the key to senior parents’ downsizing.

senior move helpersRemember to help your parents downsize early, be patient, encourage positive feelings, and keep organized. Remember that it is your parents’ decision, not yours.

It’s up to them to decide if they are ready to downsize or not when they pull the trigger and what possessions they want to keep or toss. As their child, you can work with them to make it easier and give them the freedom to make their own decisions. You can also hire a professional home organizer who can help.

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