senior downsizing

If you are busy with your career and your family life, helping your parents with senior relocating or senior downsizing can be very stressful. It can be tempting to find ways to get it done right away by taking the tough love approach. However, since you’re the adult child who’s been tasked to help out, you have to think about the feelings of your parents before you deal with the logistics.

Downsizing and Moving Tips

You need to convince your parents that they need to clean out and downsize their possessions. However, you need to do this carefully. You should position cleaning as a collaborative effort rather than as an order so that they won’t feel attacked. Use gentle words and make senior downsizing and decluttering sound like it’s a fun process.

Set Realistic Goals

Trying to find out where you have to start can be quite intimidating. That’s why home organizing experts suggest that you downsize in manageable and smaller parts. You should set a time limit when dealing with a small area of the home. Don’t forget to take breaks and provide drinks and snacks so your parents won’t feel stressed.

Decide What To Do With Their Belongings

The senior relocating process of determining what to do with their belongings can be difficult especially when you factor in the emotional connection that your parents have with their possessions. When you ask your parents to let go of their belongings that are attached to some fond memories, you should be sensitive to their feelings. In most cases, the first choice of parents is to given their loved items to their kids. A lot of people won’t understand why you don’t want to take your parent’s stuff. If that’s the case, you should find a way to help your parents understand why you don’t want to take them. If you want to suggest donations, make sure you frame it in a positive way. Let them know that the items that they’re giving away are not being discarded by passed on to someone who needs it more.

Make Their New Home Feel Like Home

If your parents is moving to a new place, it’s best to recreate the space their leaving behind so that the transition will be easier for them. Position the furniture on their new home in spots that are similar to their old house. You can also decorate your parent’s new home in such a way that it’ll look like the previous home.


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