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Are you dreading your next garage cleanup? Perhaps, you already feel exhausted thinking about the pile of stuff that you will have to sort out and organize. Even though garages were originally designed to protect and keep cars, many homeowners find other purposes and uses for their garages. As a result, boxes of their belongings and other things find their way into the garage. And before you know it, these boxes have accumulated to the point of filling your garage so that you now have to park on the driveway.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you need to plan for an overall garage organization and cleanup soon. On the other hand, with the amount of work waiting for you and the piles of boxes waiting to be organized, you may be prompted to postpone cleaning your garage, which will only make matters worse and will require more of your time and effort.

With these awesome home organizing tips, however, you will no longer be afraid of cleaning and organizing your garage.

• Move everything out – To be able to easily clean and organize your garage, you will need to move everything outside. You need to see all corners, walls and floor spaces of your garage for you to easily clean it and plan how you will put everything back in a neat and organized manner. Keep in mind that if you successfully organized your garage, it will take a longer time for it to get cluttered and for you to clean it up again. Seek assistance from friends and household members to finish this task much quicker. Or call Brunswick Organizing Solutions to help with the cleanup and organization.

• Spend time scrubbing work surfaces – If your garage doubles as a workshop or if you do some minor car repairs in your garage, you probably have dirt and oil stains on your work surfaces and garage floor. Before cleaning other areas of your garage, you may want to start with removing dirt and oil stains from your work surfaces and garage flooring. This will require a lot of elbow grease so you want to do this first. Otherwise, you may find yourself too tired for this at the end of the day and may not do a stellar job in removing those stubborn stains.

• Use cat litter to remove oil stains – A difficult part of your garage cleaning will be removing oil stains. If you have untreated concrete flooring on your garage, it will be easy to remove oil stains with the help of cat litter. All you have to do is cover the oil stains with a generous amount of cat litter and wait for a couple of hours, depending on the size of the stain. If you are dealing with a smaller oil stain, you only have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes. This gives enough time for the cat litter to absorb the oil stains.

Before sweeping up the cat litter, you should stand on it and grind it into the stain. This further helps in removing those oil stains. For more stubborn and difficult to remove oil stain, you will have to follow up with scrubbing using a stiff brush and a concentrated detergent. Do this repeatedly until the stain is no longer visible.

• Sort out your stuff – According to professional organizing, the best and most efficient way to sort out your stuff is to divide them in three different categories. One that you are still using and will use in the coming seasons, one that you can no longer use because of damage, wear and tear, and one that you have no use for but are still in great condition. The first category is what you will have to put back and organize in your garage. The damaged ones, you will have to throw away and those that you will no longer use but are still in good condition will be donated to charity.

• Install smart storage solutions – There are lots of storage solutions that you can consider for your garage. But of course, the types that you need will depend on what you are keeping in the garage. If you keep bikes, helmets and other sports equipment in the garage, there are various types of racks and shelves that you can install either on the wall, flooring or even in the ceiling.

The key is to maximize your use of space and only get those storage solutions that you need. Basically, however, you will need drawers, shelves, clear storage boxes and a peg board to organize all the tools and equipment that you keep in garage.

A garage cleanup is not only a way for you to clean and organize your garage. It can also be an effective way to de-clutter, unload your house of things you no longer need or use, and find stuff that you thought were lost.

For more information or for professional assistance in cleaning your garage, call Brunswick Organizing Solutions now.

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