Americans have an average 300,000 belongings in their homes. 1 out 10 Americans rent storage off-site for extra belongings. Seniors will accumulate many things during their lifetime that they don’t use every day. Seniors can find it difficult to downsize or move to smaller spaces if they have too many belongings, that’s why they need to declutter.

Decluttering can help your loved one stay organized, whether it’s for senior downsizing or if they are moving to a smaller area for retirement or just want to live in a cleaner environment.

These are 8 tips to declutter seniors and help them reduce the number of possessions they own.

Get started with one room

It can be overwhelming to go through your entire house when it comes to decluttering. Start with one room and get rid of clutter. You can also get senior decluttering help.

Your loved one will be able to concentrate on the things they don’t need in one room if they start with one. You might start by cleaning a room that is more likely to accumulate extra possessions. After clearing out the clutter in one room, you can move on to another.

The entire house will be clean if you do one room per week with a senior friend. Start small and encourage seniors to clean out their stuff each week.

Create piles: Throw out, donate, keep, throw away

Seniors can also declutter by creating 3 piles for their items. Keep, throw away, and donate.

Your loved one will be able to assess their needs and make piles. After you have finished sorting, your loved one will be able go through each pile once more to make sure they didn’t place the wrong item.

You can add a “maybe” pile to help your loved one decide where to place an item. Later, you can come back to it. You can give your loved one the freedom to decide where it should go, without them feeling pressured.

Get Rid Of Hazardous Items

You can also help your loved one get rid of unnecessary items. Seniors may have mobility problems and require assistance with balancing. To prevent injuries and falls, it is important that seniors live in a safe environment.

There are some dangerous items that seniors should get rid of or replace in their senior home, according to Brunswick NC senior moving help.

  • Rugs from the past
  • Items on the floor
  • Chairs/couches that are old or damaged
  • Equipment and power tools
  • Decorations that are not necessary or used infrequently
  • Anti-aging medications
  • Foods that are old or have expired
  • Broken glass, pots and bags
  • Wires and electronics that have been unused
  • Appliances that are broken or not being used
  • Anything that can’t be fixed
  • Do a 90-day test by making a pile of “unused” items.

You may find items that your loved one is reluctant to let go of as you declutter more. It could be sentimental or because they feel they will “need” it someday.

Seniors can declutter by making a pile of things they don’t need. Put them in a box and put it away.

You can give the item to your loved one if they need it. If the item is not used within 90 days, it’s a sign they are able to live without it. Let your loved one know they can purchase the item again if they have a need.

This is a great strategy to help seniors reduce the amount of things they don’t need in their home.

Duplicates are gone

Many Americans have duplicates of items because they lost or were misplaced. Sometimes duplicates are purchased just in case the original item breaks or is not being used.

If your loved one owns a better or preferred version of an item it is best to get rid of them.

You might find duplicates of items in the home of a senior loved one. There are some items that are more likely to be duplicates, such as forks and knives in the kitchen, pencils in your desk, bags and shoes in your closet, and towels in your bathroom.

Your senior loved one can start to declutter by getting rid of unnecessary items.

Organise Everything, Wherever It Should Be

A great tip for seniors is to organize everything so they can identify what they need.

Each item should be in its own place. This means that kitchenware should be in your kitchen, books on a shelf and remotes near the TV should not be.

It is possible for the house to become cluttered if you misplace items. This can lead to your loved one forgetting where they should be. It can lead to clutter in your home and make it difficult for you to find the right items later. This can lead to flat surfaces with piles of unsorted objects or junk drawers full of items that don’t belong in a particular spot.

Your loved one might discover things they don’t need when they organize their belongings. This will help your loved one organize their home and get rid of unnecessary clutter.

Avoid multitasking when cleaning

A second tip for decluttering is to not multitask when cleaning a room. This means that you should not turn on your television, radio, or cell phone while cleaning a room.

Distractions can cause your loved one to focus on other things than cleaning. They may put off cleaning because they think they will “get to it later”.

Set aside an hour to dedicate to cleaning out a space. It will amaze you and your loved ones how much progress can be made by just spending some time cleaning.

Be smart about storage

Seniors will need to organize their home well. They should find the items they are looking for in the right room.

A smart organization of rooms can help you identify clutter. Here are some tips for seniors to declutter their rooms:

Use baskets or bins. You can store similar items in baskets or bins, such as remotes for your television or bathroom soaps. Baskets can be placed on shelves, on top of flat surfaces, or in closets. Seniors may find duplicates or identify their items by organizing them into baskets.

Make sure you have a place to store incoming mail. Mail and packages will be delivered to your loved one. Your loved one will receive mail and packages. You can tell them to make a designated area for these items. These items will not spread throughout the house if you create a dedicated space.

Organise your closets. Because of a “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, closets can become a place that accumulates items. Help your senior loved ones organize their closets by giving them hangers and storage bins. Don’t keep anything that you haven’t worn in years such as clothing, shoes and decorations.

Get involved today in senior organizing!

Set small goals and you can help your senior friend reduce the number of possessions they own. These decluttering tips are for seniors. Help someone start their journey to minimizing clutter today! Call Brunswick Organizing Solutions now.

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