Let’s face the facts: Moving can be stressful. Research has shown that moving is more stressful than divorce. Even if you have a support network to help you pack, it still takes hours or even days. It is common for something to get lost or damaged during a move. This is before you consider how much it will take to unpack.

A professional organizer can help ease the stress associated with moving. Let’s look at the benefits of hiring a professional moving organizer to help you make your move easier during, after, and in between.

What is a Moving Organizer?

A professional organizer who specializes in moving. They are not your typical mover who just takes boxes from one place to another. The entire process is managed by moving organizers, from the packing, organizing and decluttering stage to the unpacking and reorganizing phase.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Moving Organizer?

The cost of hiring a professional moving service will depend on how big your house is, how many rooms you need to organize and how much stuff you have. An hourly rate can range from $80 to $140. The more complex the job, the more expensive it will be. Some companies charge per hour while others charge per project. You might pay $350 for a garage clean-out, but you would have to spend more than $1,000 to move your entire house.

What does the moving process look like with a professional organizer?

A consultation is a necessary part of professional organizing services. It includes a project assessment and a cost estimate. During your consultation, you will discuss the scope of your job. This will include how many rooms you need to organize, how your organizer will help you move and how long it will take. You’ll agree to the terms and set dates for your project.

Your organizer will then:

  • Take a look at your belongings to help you decide what items to pack.
  • You can get rid of any items that you don’t want (via recycling, donation, or disposal).
  • Move the boxes and pack up your house
  • Unpack your home and organize it

What can a professional organizer do for me?

A moving organizer will manage your move and ensure that you leave no item or box behind. Here are some benefits to working with a professional moving organizer.

They will help you lose weight while moving

The average cost to hire moving help is $1,400, but this only applies if you are moving within the same state. It can cost up to $10,000 to move to another state. It can be even more expensive if you move to another country.

Moving companies often charge by weight. The heavier the boxes are, the more expensive they will be. Professional organizers can help you choose what to keep and discard, thereby reducing the moving weight. Marie Kondo said, “If it’s not bringing you joy, get rid of it.”

They will get rid of your junk

Most people reduce their possessions when moving. It may be a great time to upgrade your appliances and get new furniture, but the old stuff must go.

An organizer can help you to sell unwanted items, organize donation pick-ups, dispose of large and recyclable items, such as furniture.

They will organize your boxes

It’s not easy to search through moving boxes for a treasured keepsake only to find it has been destroyed during the move. These mishaps can be avoided by moving organizers who do the following:

  • Provide packing boxes, tape, bubble wrapping, and other materials
  • Securing fragile items
  • Place clothes in wardrobe boxes to keep them wrinkle-free
  • A list or spreadsheet of all contents in each box.

They are responsible for ensuring that nothing is damaged or lost during the move. Also, forget about worrying about crystal wine glasses. Instead, enjoy the wine.

They will help you unpack

You might be the type of person who enjoys unpacking. However, most people put it off. You’ll still have to take care of your other responsibilities in addition to unpacking your belongings. Professional organizers can help you pack so that you don’t have time to eat takeout while you wait for your dishes to be unpacked.

They will organize your space

A professional organizer can help you organize your new home. They will help you organize your space so that it actually improves. Random junk drawer? You don’t even know her.

How can I find a professional organizer for my event?

Online services can help you find top-rated organizers in your local area. Keep online testimonials in your mind and ask your organizer to provide references from customers who have done similar moves.

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