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Many of us have seen Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holiday items in stores. It may make you groan or moan as you remember the holidays are just around the corner. But don’t delay! Maybe these items are available in stores now because they can help you get ready for the Holidays. Here are the top ten tips from a professional home organizer.

Home Organizer Tips: Save Money

Holidays are too expensive to spend extra money on things you don’t need or items that were damaged by poor planning.

Properly store lights so  you don’t have to re-buy each year.

To avoid duplicate purchases, take inventory of all wrapping supplies, linens, and pantry supplies before you go to the store.

Avoid placing candles in warm areas that could cause something to melt.

You should be careful when storing food-related items, such as children’s art. These little pieces can attract pests and cause damage to your holiday treasures.

Don’t lose your favorite decorations

Sometimes holiday bags can get mixed up with the wrong people. When you pull out all your Halloween totes and realize your favorite witch is missing, it can be quite disappointing. It was there in the one tote you couldn’t find anywhere else. You can create a rotating system that allows summer to disappear into fall boxes as fall arrives. If you have too many things at home, you should consider getting decluttering services to help you organize your belongings.

Do not make the same mistakes twice

A professional organizer Brunswick NC says you should write for 15 minutes about what you have learned from previous holidays. Take a few minutes to note the goals and traditions that you would like to continue or start. You don’t want to be disappointed that you missed your neighborhood holiday party. Make sure you schedule time for this year. Find the recipe of your Mac & Cheese if it was a success so you can make it again.

In with the new, out with the old

Keep a donation box handy for each holiday so that you can toss the decorations. You can replace a tablecloth that you did not like with the plates you received last year by donating the linens.

Gifts galore

In a corner of your small room, set up a temporary wrapping station and gift station. Wrap purchased gifts as soon as they arrive. Sometimes a gift is lost before it can be presented to the recipient. Wrap gifts right away to avoid a marathon of gift wrapping.

Your events can be added to the calendar

Overloaded schedules add stress to this time of the year. It is difficult to keep track of school assemblies, volunteer work, shopping, cooking, and worship services. Even if you don’t keep a schedule for the rest of the year, it will be vital during the holidays.

Do not over-complicate

It would be great to attend every holiday event, but it is often not possible. Make a list of things you want to do.

  • Start with essentials or items you absolutely must have
  • Add items that your entire family will enjoy
  • Add items that you and one family member only.
  • Do not add items that do not fall within the three previous categories.
  • Keep in mind what you did
  • It can be frustrating to take out all your decorations and then forget what you did last year. It’s possible to save hours by not having to walk around your house looking for items.

Plan your meals

Plan your holiday menu well in advance. You can prepare any frozen items ahead of time and shop for your holiday menu items in advance. You may find it helpful to prepare a few frozen dinners for busy nights or when you don’t have the time to cook.

After the holidays are over

When you have put away everything, it can be difficult to find the decorations next year. It is easy to forget to store a few holiday decorations, or mix them up in another tub.  Instead, set aside a space where you can gather miscellaneous holiday gifts, label the holiday tubs and then schedule a day every quarter to place them in the correct boxes.

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