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It’s already October and, just like every year, time seems to move fast as the holiday season draws near. Before you know it, December will be here and if you are just like other people, you would like to enjoy the festive season as much as you can and that’s why you have to start your organizing your home.

There’s so much buildup that comes with the holidays that you may wind up feeling overworked and overwhelmed rather than enjoying all of the parties, concerts, get togethers, events, and activities that come during this time of the year.

Fortunately, there are some home organizing tips before the holidays that can help reduce these feelings. Being prepared and organized lets the season go as smoothly as possible, which means you’ll get to relax more.

Home Organizing Tips

Christmas Decors and Wrapping Supplies

Now is the perfect time to go through all of your holiday decorations and wrapping supplies. Segregate all those that you have not used or no longer want to use and get rid of them. You can either donate them to charitable organizations prior to the holidays. It’s also a good idea to create a list of your wrapping supplies and decorations so you can avoid buying duplicates and overbuying when you’re out shopping.

Purse and Wallet

You are most likely going to do some shopping in the coming weeks. So, it’s best to get your wallet and purse in good shape. Go through all of your receipts and identify which ones to keep and throw away. It’s also a good idea to add a mini filodex or a small bag where you can place your new receipts in so they won’t’ overtake your purse or wallet when you are out shopping. Your wallet can easily be filled with cards. You should think of using an app on your mobile phone where you can store your card barcodes. That means you can leave your card’s hard copies at home. You should also take note of all the gift cards that you have and know how you can use them when you go Christmas shopping.

The Pantry

Make a list of what’s in your pantry and what you need to buy. You should also include a list of the ingredients that you use for your holiday baking. Get rid of expired or old food and take note of the ones that are nearing their expiration date. You can donate dry goods that you won’t use to a food bank in your local area. Prepare your pantry so it’s ready for you the holiday groceries.

Fridge and Freezer

Organizing your home for the holidays includes your fridge and freezer. Create an inventory of what you have in your freezer and fridge. Throw out old items and come up with plans on when to use the items that are nearing the expiration date. Create a list of staples that you no longer have or almost out of and make sure to stock up before the holiday season. Go through and pin the holiday recipes that you wish to try and think of giving them a test run before the holidays. Don’t forget to add those ingredients to the list of items you need to buy. You should also come up with a list of things that should be readily available in case guests drop by so you can easily offer them a drink or a snack. Easy to make snacks, wine, beer, soda waters, pop, teas, and coffee should be readily available during the holiday season.

Command Center

If you already have a command center for your calendar, filing, paper work, etc., then you have to make sure that your filing and calendar is updated with the activities and events for the coming holiday season.

Dresser and Closets

Purge all that items that you have not used for more than a year. This is the perfect opportunity to declutter your dresser and closet. Now is the best time to donate warm clothing and jackets to charity. You should check your dress clothes to find out if you need anything new to wear to some of the parties or events that you will be attending during the holiday season.

Guest Room and Guest Bath

If you have turned your guest room into a dumping room throughout the year, you need to go through all of it before the holidays. Deal with the clutter and prepare the room for your expected guests. Create an inventory and be sure that you are stocked with clean towels, bedding, and all homey necessities that you would like to provide your guests with in both the guest bathroom and bedroom.

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