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Home organizing is crucial especially during the summer season. The days are long during summer and living can be quite stressful especially when the kids are at home. Summer time as a kid is fun but it’s different when you’re a parent. Between the busy social calendars, shifting schedules, camps, and sleepovers, moms are left busy all summer long.

What can moms do to have a stress free summer? Home organizing is key.

Home Organizing Tips For A Fun and Less Stress Summer

Create A Plan

Come up with a family calendar for the summer season so you can get all of the activities that you and your kids will do like travel, playdates, and camp. This way, you will know what’s coming up and what days or weeks you still need to fill up. When school is over, you should hang the calendar where all of you can see it so all of you can stay on the same page. You can have a giant chalkboard calendar or just a simple calendar. You will find various designs that will work suit your preference.

Make Dates

If you have free days or weekends, you can remain in touch with your family and friends including the friends of your kids, by planning get together and outings. Don’t forget to schedule a fun outdoor BBQ or a pool party.

Maintain Routines

Even though it’s nice to have unstructured days, it’s still a good idea to maintain routines during the summer season so things are kept easier and seamless especially when it’s time for your kids to return to school. Kids thrive on structure and consistency, so if their activities during summer are going to be different from one week to another, you should get your kids involve with your family calendar so they could see what they’re going to do and when. This would help them feel in control and part of the process.

Be Prepared When Boredom Strikes

No mom wants to hear that their child is bored. So you should begin stacking the deck in your favour right now. As a family, you should identify fun summer activities. Write them down on index cards and pin them close to the family calendar. So once they start saying that they’re bored, you already have a list of things you can do.

Continue Learning

Find activities at home or at the camp that would help keep your kids engaged and learn more about the world they’re in. Planting a garden is one of the favorites since you could plant seeds with your kids or task your children to water them everyday. You can also teach them how to cook.

Restock Your Reserves

The supply closet at home is usually depleted following the lengthy school season so be sure to stock up on your craft items and other things that your children will love to work on.

Supply Check

Be sure that you have enough bug repellants or sunscreens on stock. Don’t forget to have a complete first aid kit. You also need to have “to-go” packs that can easily be placed on a bag if needed.

Snack Preparation

It’s summer and with kids around, you should be prepared especially when it comes to their snacks. Prepare snacks on the go. It’s a good idea to have reusable water bottles for each family member. You also need to have enough reusable containers for vegetables and fruits.

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