Home organizing

Are you interested in home organizing? If yes, have you ever wondered where you should start? You need to begin with your storage spaces, which at first, would seem counterintuitive. Why not begin in your living room or kitchen, since these are the places in your home that you use the most.

The main idea here is to come up as much storage space as you can before you start organizing the rooms you always use. By doing so, you will have enough storage space once you move on to the spaces and rooms you use the most.

Home Organizing Tips

Storage Spaces

The place to start organizing is the storage space. When you dive deeper into your home, you will be doing a lot of decluttering and you will have to rearrange a lot of things. You should organize your storage space first so that when you find clothing, appliances, books, shoes, as well as papers, they will all have a place to go. They’re going to be tidy, neat, as well as clutter free.

Shared Spaces

The next areas in your home that you should organize next are shared spaces. You should begin with the kitchen and then move on to the foyer, living room, and then the bathroom.

One good thing when it comes to organizing these spots is that if you’re living with other people, they would begin to see these areas organized. Then, they’ll begin to expect these areas to be cleaner, which would prompt them to be neat as well. They might even decide to join you in organizing the space. Or they could start working on their very own personal spaces like home offices and bedrooms. Home organizing Myrtle Beach involves decluttering your belongings, sorting, as well as looking for a place where you can put your objects. This means before you start organizing shared areas, you should tell your family or roommates what you are doing.

Personal Spaces

Home offices, closets, bedrooms, and other personal spaces need concentration. You have to touch and evaluate most of the things in these places when organizing the space. You have to look at every piece of paper and check if it is important or not. You need to grab every sock you find and make sure it has its pair.

Organizing your kitchen lets you deal with up to 40 items at once, just like when you are dealing with the utensils. But in a closet, you have to decide on every shirt. Meanwhile, you also have to sort every receipt and paper when organizing your home office.

All these spaces will take up your energy and that’s why it’s best to start all these on a weekend morning. Tackle the bedroom closet first before the actual bedroom.

Small Spaces

Begin on smaller areas like laundry rooms, linen closets, mudrooms, and guest rooms. These small spaces tend to get short shrift since they’re not that exciting. However, organizing them can make your home much more efficient. For instance, if you’re expecting guests, an organized linen closet will make your life way easier. You’ll find extra bathroom supplies, toiletries, and linens easier and if you are not around, your guests can easily find them on their own.

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