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Everybody wants to have a clean and organized garage. But in many instances, this part of the house becomes the dumping ground for items that are rarely used. Only a few like cleaning the garage but there will come a time when you need to organize this part of your home whether you like it or not. Home organizing is not an easy feat. But with the right tools and tips, you’ll be able to get it done.

Gather The Supplies

Organizing the garage presents distinctive challenges. How can you pull together cars with sporting equipment, tools, toys, cleaning supplies, and beach chairs in one single place?

Fortunately, professional organizers have provided some tips to help you with the organization process. Every household stores items in their garage that they shouldn’t. In many cases, there’s just too much of everything and sooner or later, the garage becomes a dumping ground of the items that you no longer need or don’t use that often.

So, if you have piled up lots of clutter in your garage then it is time for some home organizing. Before starting anything, be sure to prepare some supplies first. These include trash bags, vacuum, and baskets.

Home Organizing Tips: Getting Rid Of The Clutter

Perform a basic clean up, declutter, and make sure you include the floor. Be careful of nails and other tiny items that may be in the floor, cobwebs, chemical or oil stains, and any sign of winged or furry creatures that may have made a home in your house.

When you are cleaning, start the decluttering process by throwing away what needs to be eliminated. By doing so, you no longer have to deal with these things during the decluttering or decision making stage of what you need to keep and what you have to throw away. Just like any other organizing project, you have to declutter before you can begin organizing the garage and that means creating categories. These categories are toss, keep, donate, and trash.

Organize The Area Into Zones

There are several types of items that are stored in a garage and that’s why it is highly recommended to organize your garage into zones. Start grouping similar things like car supplies, tools, sports equipment, and etc. Create zones like what you see in department stores so you know where to find specific items.

Plan The Storage

Evaluate your garage storage space and start storing items in their proper houses. A few tips to help you create storage space in this part of your house include making use of vertical spaces, using what you have or purchasing the appropriate products, making sure that dangerous items are kept in a locked cabinet when the kids are at home.

Maintain The Garage Organization

When you are finished organizing the zones in the garage, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. The final step involves maintaining this organizing procedure by performing a quick sweep as often as possible, like seasonally, every month, or once a week. Garages are high traffic areas and that means the more often you organize this spot in your home, the less time it would take. If you keep your garage organized, you will not spend more time cleaning it. This is one good thing when you practice home organizing Myrtle Beach.

Call a professional organizer if you need professional help in cleaning and arranging everything in your garage.

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