New Year’s is about making a new start and getting rid of things or situations that don’t serve you anymore. What better time than now to clean out and declutter your home and go through all of your belongings. Designers weigh in on the top 10 things that must be removed from your home.

2022 Home Decluttering Tips

VCR Tapes, VCR Tapes (Old Cassettes), CDs and DVDs

You’re probably streaming music and videos now that we are well into the 21st Century. It’s a great way to save space at home and is convenient for people who are often on the move. It should be obvious that cassette and VCR tapes can also be used.

Dinnerware with a theme

You can still enjoy the holidays without having to home organize and clutter up your kitchen cabinets. Are you really going to use a platter with graphics of Christmas trees or turkeys on it? You can let your seasonal decor take care of the rest and buy white or off-white dinnerware. These pieces can still be used to create stunning tablescapes if you use the right accents. To invoke the season’s spirit, add flowers, olive branches or candles to your table.

Plants that are dead

It’s true that being a parent to a plant is very popular at the moment. However, if you have tried everything and still can’t keep it alive, it’s okay to let your hair down.

Extraordinary Reusable Bags

Although reusable bags are great to have on hand for grocery runs and other purposes, you may find yourself with more than you need. You need to get rid of them and find new homes for them. Donations of sturdy bags are accepted by many shelters for the homeless. These bags are great for distributing items. It might be worth contacting your local schools to see if they are interested in items that could be used for arts and crafts.

Throw Pillows, Blankets, Old Towels

Professional organizers can help you organize textiles that are getting worn out. You don’t have to throw them out because they are damaged or have small tears that can’t be repaired. Instead, donate them to your local shelter or vet.

Not necessary reading material

Do you really want to go back and flip through the magazines you bought for your last vacation? Or re-read the book you read two summers ago. Let’s face it, those magazines you keep will not be seen again. They’ll just collect dust and clutter in your home. You can also get rid of books that aren’t inspiring you anymore. If they’re not being used or aren’t adding to the space’s decor, you can let them go. It’s a great way of clearing clutter and to share your favorite books with others, who might not be able to afford new books.

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