Are you feeling suffocated or surrounded by stuff? Do you ever feel anxious when you open a drawer, cabinet or drawer? Have you ever found a broken glass or a worn-out sweater and wondered “Why is this still there?” You’re not the only one. Maybe it’s time to declutter?

Numerous studies have shown that Americans are drowning with their possessions. The University of California at Los Angeles conducted a study that found middle-class families had garages overflowing with their vast toy and book collections, and fridges filled with magnets. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25% of two-car garage owners didn’t have enough space for a car. A National Association of Professional Organizers report found that we spend on average one year looking for lost belongings.

Tripping hazards, stress, and memory loss can all be made worse as you get older. You can declutter now, whether you are moving to assisted living and looking to downsize or if you are planning on the future and don’t want your loved ones to go through the grief of going through all your belongings after your death. You may feel free and clean. Here are some tips to help you declutter.

Declutter Tips: Select a method

Decluttering can help you feel free and clean.

There are many ways to declutter. This has made it a very popular topic in recent years. The best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tying Up is a popular guide that urges you to get rid of clutter as soon as possible. To declutter effectively, the author recommends that you set aside time and/or days to do it. The idea behind the method is to keep only items that spark joy when you hold them, and to let go of all the rest.

This method is the fastest and most dramatic. However, if you don’t have the time or energy to do a marathon of tidying for days, you can go slower. You might like the 40 Bags in 40 Day approach. You can set aside time each day for one trash bag, clutter, or clothes that you haven’t worn in years. Although this may seem daunting, the average household is so full that it’s not difficult to fill a trash bag.

You can also set aside time to start – for example, one hour, three or thirty minutes. If you don’t have the time or energy, you can work on your closet or office as part of your senior downsizing Brunswick NC endeavor.

Ask for help

Ask for help if you have mobility problems or need emotional support. Do not be afraid to ask your children for help. They may prefer to help you sort through your belongings now with your input than when you are gone. You can invite a friend or someone who lives in an assisted living community to sit down with you as you declutter. They can be given items to sort into trash, keep, and donate piles. You can make the experience more enjoyable by playing some music.

Part ways with mementos This can be a difficult decision, so don’t start with mementos. Keep any keepsakes that bring back happy memories or sadness, and put them in a bag or box to be sorted later. After you have sorted through your less sentimental items (clothes, old receipts and clutter in your kitchen cabinets), you can move on to the more important items. You can also hire a Myrtle Beach professional organizer for assistance.

If you are having difficulty letting go of a memento ask yourself if it brings you joy. Keep it if you feel happy with it. It may surprise you to discover how many items do the opposite and evoke feelings such as anxiety, guilt, or sadness. These items can be tempting to keep around.

Why would you want to be reminded about a bad relationship or a book that you regret not reading? It doesn’t mean you have to throw away all your mementos. Instead, keep the ones that bring back happy memories close by.

Donate items ASAP

You can get rid of clutter as quickly as possible by clearing out the area. Once you have gathered the items you want to donate, you can put them in your car. You can also search for charities that will pick up your donations at your home. Enjoy the liberating feeling that you will feel once you have rid yourself of unnecessary clutter.

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