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Professional organizers have long been offering virtual organizing sessions well before the coronavirus pandemic happened. What is virtual organizing? What are its benefits? What do you need to know before getting one?

What is virtual organizing?

You can imagine what a face to face organizing session looks like. Perhaps you have done one in the past. The professional organizer and the client will arrange a time for them to meet. The professional organizer will visit the client at his or her space and then they will work together, come up with a plan, and make it happen. The two will work side by side on an organizing project. The organizer will be active in guiding their client in setting their objectives, making decisions, selecting what goes, and organizing whatever remains. A big part of the job of the professional organizer is to help the client in eliminating, packing as well as moving different stuff. This will require a lot of work.

Virtual organizing is a bit different. The client and the professional organizer will talk over the phone or meet through a video call. In most cases, the client would send out photos to the professional organizer ahead of the sessions. This way, the professional organizer will have a way to interact with the space through a live tour. The professional organizer and the client could still work together in making decisions and setting goals.

What are the benefits of virtual organizing?

Generate new ideas

Virtual organizing sessions provides you with a fresh set of eyes if you’re already doing your own decluttering. A short virtual organizing session can assist you in generating new ideas to preserve the momentum that you currently have on your project. Your professional organizer an even offer you with a list of products that you have to order that could help you achieve your goals. Keep in mind that knowledge and skills you’ll learn through these online sessions will be with you forever.

Trust opinions from the pros

If you are considering virtual home organizing Myrtle Beach, you can go with a professional organizer that’s located outside of your local area. Because you are not limited to choose from professionals within your locality, you can look for someone with the right approach and style for you, regardless of where they’re located.

Additionally, working virtually with a professional organizer could make this service more accessible to you if you’re in an area that has no professional organizers. The National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals keep a directory of all their members. It’s a perfect place to begin to find a professional to work with. You can even filter your research to assist you in narrowing down your options and honing in on experts who may fit your needs.

Get Rid of Travel Costs

Since you’re working with a professional organizer online, you don’t have to worry about paying for the travel costs. This could mean significant savings for you.

Flexible Sessions

Virtual organizing sessions commonly last for an hour. Since you have shorter sessions, you’ll have more flexibility to choose when you’d like to declutter or do the hands-on work.

What to do before a virtual organizing session?

Identify your goals. You should know how you want your home or room to function before you start with the virtual organizing session. What do you want to achieve? How do you want the area to function?

Prepare your space. This will help you see how you really live. You’ll have the chance to get a natural feel for your natural environment. Be sure to reduce any distraction so you can focus on working with your organizer once the sessions starts.


Call now if you are interested in a virtual organizing session with experts so you can have an organized and clutter free home.


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