Moving Help

Many people consider moving as one of the most stressful moments in life and that’s why they hire moving help. You have so many things to worry about like looking for the perfect house, getting a new job, moving, packing, unpacking, and so many more. Transporting your stuff from one point to another is just one of your many problems. If you want to monitor every detail of your move, here’s a checklist to help you simplify your move.

Moving Help: Checklist To Help You Move

Come Up With a Plan

Creating a comprehensive and detailed plan is the first thing you need. You should know where you would like to move, your budget, and how you plan to move to your new place. These things could affect your decisions. So when you gather all the details for your move, make sure to keep it in a moving file so you won’t lose or miss anything. You can use it to track your receipts, quotes, and other essential documents. Don’t forget that you can also hire move packing services for a more seamless experience.

Pick a Moving Service

Moving companies offer different services. Some provide a hands off experience while others let you have some control over what happens during the move. When you’ve decided what kind of service you need, be sure to do your research, obtain quotes, and reserve your preferred moving date.

Sort Your Belongings

Compare your current house to your new home. Is it smaller or bigger? What about the climate? Their differences will help you determine which ones you need to bring when you go through your things. If you are downsizing, you should choose which ones you can sell or donate. If you are moving to a different city or setting, check what items you need.

Begin Packing

If you pick a DIY moving service, you need to do your own packing. Begin as early as you can so you won’t be stressed. Start by getting boxes and other packing supplies.

Be Prepared

Moving is an emotional experience. Whether you’re sad or excited, you have to be prepared to deal with the adjustment. Kids are the ones that are most affected by changes in the environment and schedule and may need additional assistance and attention when you move.

Take Care of your Car and Home

Although your attention is probably on your new house, your current one will need a bit of attention, too. Make sure to complete all the things that need to be done like getting back your deposits, deep cleaning, and cancelling your services such as pest control and landscapers. Call the utilities services at your existing and future home to stop and start the service during your moving day. For your car, you need to schedule its maintenance before the move. Your vehicle should be ready for the trip.

Updates are Crucial

You need to contact offices such as your banks, doctor, pharmacy, post office, insurance agencies, gyms, newspapers, monthly subscriptions, DMV, IRS, city tax assessor, and the Veteran’s administration. Call them to update your address.

Plan Your Moving Day

Make sure that everything has lined up. Arrange for parking if needed, tell your credit card firms or banks regarding upcoming charges, find out where your kids and pets will stay during the move, schedule the loading help, and be sure to know everything about the moving company.

Check The Trip Details

Check the trip details and make sure that everything is in order. Don’t forget to pack a bag that contains everything you will need for your trip and during the first few days after the move.

Prepare Your New House

Before you things arrive, your new home will be a blank slate. This is your chance to do the repairs or improvements or perhaps just clean the place. Fix any damaged window or door, install new lights, or change the locks. If you need some help in organizing your house, you can hire home organizing Wilmington NC experts.


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