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If you ask somebody which parts of moving they worry the most, it’s the packing phase. It’s only natural to feel this way since packing isn’t that easy. The good news is that there are ways to help you make this process a bit more pleasant. You just have to create a plan, follow the best practices, and do it gradually. And although it could be tempting to rush through the process, just remember how great you’ll feel when it’s time to unpack, and all your things are well organized, undamaged, and all set to be put away. Or you can hire moving help.

Create a Plan

Among the best ways to deal with packing is to create a plan first. Start by dividing the task into manageable sections. You can begin with your offseason belongings such as your swimsuits, cold weather clothes, as well as beach towels. After that, you can move to storage spaces such as the back bedrooms, basement, attics, and closets. When these areas are dealt with, you can go through the rest of your home. Move from one room to another. Start on the least used room to the most used one. How long this will take will depend on your objectives. But you can also hire a move packing services.

Moving Help: Tips To Make Packing Simple

Use quality materials – professional packing supplies offer better protection for your belongings, however, they don’t need to cost you too much money. There are places where you can get affordable packing supplies.

Prepare the moving boxes – add a tape at the bottom of the box to reinforce it then you should provide it with extra cushion using crushed packing paper.

Prevent spills using trash bags and plastic wrap – if you will be adding liquid bottles such as bath products or cleaning supplies in the box, make sure to line it with a trash bag. Then you can use the plastic wrap to seal the bottle before you put it in the box.

Learn to use the supply properly – Be sure to know how to properly use the supplies such as the paper padding, plastic wrap, and packing paper.

Create a packing basket – Put box labels, tape, scissors, markers, as well as other supplies in a basket so you could easily carry them from one room to another. Make a few ones if you have several people helping you pack.

Find an area for packed items – find a non essential room that you can use to stack boxes that are already full and all set for moving. This will allow you to start early without worrying about too much clutter around your home.

Know what items you can’t move – a lot of moving companies cannot move or transport certain items. Make sure what things you can’t ship.

Know what you can move – go through all of your belongings and find out which ones you don’t want to bring to your new house.

Separate your valuables – take all important documents, jewellery, and expensive electronics with you rather than putting in the moving truck.

Have an open first box – you should put together at least one box for the things that you will need during your first few days in your new home. These should include blankets, towels, toiletries, and a few kitchen items.

Check outdoor items for pests – You should check outdoor items and make sure that they are not infested before you bring them inside your new home.

Heavy items should be placed inside small boxes – overweight boxes could be hard to move. You should use small boxes so you won’t be tempted to put too many heavy items inside a single box.


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