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It’s not easy to manage a multitude of moving tasks and that’s why you need moving help. It is possible with the right organizational knowledge. Although not everyone (read: most) of us are born with an organizational mindset, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the ability to organize a move. It’s actually easier than ever to organize a move with today’s tools, such as moving apps, packing calculators, and checklists. Keep reading for tips and resources to organize before, during, and after a move.

Moving Help: Get useful apps

Make your next move and downsizing easier and more enjoyable by harnessing the power of technology. These six apps will help you with all your moving needs.

Realtor.com – This app allows users to search the MLS for homes, apartments rentals, and open houses. You can also search for neighborhoods, prices, and schools to find your dream home.

LetGo – Do you need to get rid of your stuff before moving? With this mobile app, you can sell your belongings with a simple click.

ParkMobile – ParkMobile is a mobile app that allows you to reserve street parking, whether you are renting a truck or driving your car. Parkers can use the mobile app to pay their parking fees using their credit card.

Sortly– A visual organizer app, Sortly allows users to create a visual inventory with photos, tags and notes.

Nextdoor – Use the Nextdoor mobile app to connect with your neighbors, sell your household items and find local home inspectors.

Houzz – The mobile app allows users to find professionals in home remodeling and inspiration for home design.


Make a moving binder

One of the best ways to stay organized during a move is to create and maintain a master moving folder. Moving binders not only make it easier to track all receipts and moving contracts, but also consolidate all tasks in one place. A moving binder can hold moving checklists and receipts as well as list of donors, receipts for donations, phone numbers of utility companies, floor plans, design/decor tips, contractor bids, financial documents, medical records, school records, financial records, and other paperwork.

Print customized checklists

Many moving tasks are involved in moving to a new house. There are many details that must be taken into consideration during a move, from dealing with the moving company logistics to financial obligations. It can be difficult to know what to do and when to do it. Here’s the solution: Make a complete moving checklist for your next move. This list will help you organize and manage your move. Moving.com offers a move planner that includes printable checklists for all types of relocations. You can also create your own moving checklist to organize your tasks by week and ensure a successful move.

Moving boxes with color codes

How about labeling your moving boxes according to the room they are in? You can even color code your labels! This will make it easier for you to identify your belongings in your new home and on the moving truck. You can buy color-coded labels that correspond to the rooms at a variety of retailers, including Amazon and Walmart. Multicolored tape can be used to create your own color-coded system. You could assign boxes with yellow tape to your kitchen and pink tape to your bedroom.

Prepare a packing plan in advance

Do not just pile your stuff on top of each other. Instead, create a room-byroom packing strategy to move. Start by deciding which closets and rooms you want to tackle first. The rooms that contain non-essentials should be addressed first. These could be your guest bedroom, bathroom, library, storage, basement, attic, and seasonal clothing. The kitchen and bedrooms should be packed last. These rooms will be most likely to be used during the days leading up your move. After you have decided when you want to pack each room, you will need to calculate the number of moving supplies you will need. Check out our packing calculator to estimate how many boxes and supplies are needed.

Write down the contents of each box

Make a list of all the contents of each box as you pack them. This will allow you to track your belongings (what has been packed and what has not) and help you locate your items after the move. Another popular way to organize your belongings is to number them and then create itemized lists for each box. You can also include itemized lists by placing them inside the boxes and taping them to the outside.

All utility companies should have contact numbers

You need to cancel your utility services or transfer them when you move. Keep track of all your utility information by creating a list with the contact numbers for each service provider. Cable and internet may include water and sewer, cable and internet as well as gas, electricity and satellite. Security systems, trash, and telephones can also be included. We recommend that you keep the contact list in your moving binder once they have been compiled. Here are some tips to help you transfer utilities while moving.

Organise receipts and a donation list

Professional organizer Myrtle Beach SC said that before or after your move, make a list of all household items. Once you have compiled your list, choose where to donate the items. Some of our favorites are Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army and Goodwill. You will receive tax-deductible receipts after you donate your belongings to charity. These receipts can be kept safe by being placed in your moving binder with your itemized list. Here are some suggestions for where you can donate your stuff prior to moving.

Place cords in baggies by tying them.

You’re likely familiar with the mess created by cords if you have ever moved electronic devices. We recommend labeling and organizing all cords before packing. This will save you hours of untangling them. Wrap each cord in a twist-tie and secure it. Place the cord wrapped in a ziplock bag and label it using a Sharpie marker according to the electronic device.

Make sure to pack your essentials for moving day

Don’t forget your essentials bag or box for moving day. It could make your move less pleasant. It is a good idea to make a list of all the essentials for moving day. You won’t forget anything important in the middle of the night. You might need to have some essentials such as medications, toiletries and extra clothes. Check out this list to see what you should pack in your moving essentials bag.


Call Brunswick Organizing Solutions now if you need the help of a professional organizer. Our comprehensive moving help service is the best way to organize for a move. You’ll receive a personalized moving checklist, personal tasks, suggestions, emails reminders, and lots of coupons to help you get organized. We wish you all the best and happy moving!


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