The idea that you’re finally moving to your new home is very exciting. But when you start thinking about the things you need to prepare before the move is enough to make you feel anxious and frazzled. But don’t worry too much. There are things you can do to make your move easier and stress free. Listed below are some home organizing tips to help you get started.

Organizing Tips

Prepare Early

Don’t start the decluttering and packing process a few days before the move. You need to take the preparation in phases so it will be easier for you. Get rid of moving stress by starting two to four weeks before packing. This is when you should start the purging process. When you get rid of the things that you won’t be bringing to your new home, you can start to pack your belongings. Make sure that you move room by room.

Declutter Thoroughly

Whether you’ve been living in your house for just a few months or decades, you most likely have accumulated many things that you no longer need or use. So, you need to declutter. Don’t take these extra items into your new home where it will most likely be stored away. Check all the drawers, cabinets, and closets. Take every item and decide if it should go to the use, love, or has strong sentimental value, basket. Keep the items you have to keep and toss out or donate the rest of your belongings.

Home Organizing

You may think that organizing your home won’t help since you are going to leave soon anyway. But that’s actually not true. Home organizing before you leave your old house could save you time. For example, you can start organizing your bathroom items into drawer inserts or packing the things you have under your kitchen sink into a bin or box. So, when you get into your new place, you can simply unpack these container and put them into its new home.

Pack By Room

Packing by room will help keep things organized and make the process of unpacking a whole lot easier. It will also help keep your belongings organized as you go through the moving process. Each box should only contain things that are for one room. In case there’s an extra space in the box, resist the temptation of adding extra items that are from a different part of the house.

Don’t Forget The Labels

Keep track of all your belongings by adding labels. This will prevent you from forgetting which box you placed what items. Always label every box. Put a box number and create a corresponding checklist of the things it contains.

Take It All In

Moving can be exciting. But it can also be physically and mentally exhausting. So take some time to take it all in and reflect on your moving day. Enjoy this milestone moment. You’re already done with half of the work and the hardest part is already over. Concentrate on setting up your new house and enjoy the fresh start.

Create Your Home Organizing Goals

You’re now given the opportunity to start a new. So make sure that you know what is important for you and how you want your new house to be. To help with that, it’s best to come up with organizing goals.

Create A Timeframe For Unpacking

We suggest that you get started right away but make sure you work at your own pace. Give yourself a realistic goal and make sure to hold yourself accountable. It can be one room per day or the entire house for two weeks, set a time limit to help you remain focused and motivated.

Come Up With An Organizing Plan

Once you are done unpacking, and the boxes are out of the way, you can start to come up with an organization strategy. Take measurements of the space you would like to organize. Always remember to reference your priorities.

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