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It is impossible to know how much stuff there is until you are forced to pack it all up. Even if you only have a few items, packing for a move is time-consuming. This task may motivate you to deepen your decluttering or go through your memorabilia. This makes packing for a move a daunting task that you might want to outsource and get packing services.

Professional packing companies can help you pack your home. Professional packing services can organize, wrap, and pack everything, from your grandmother’s china to your kids’ toys. To make your move easier, you can outsource purchasing moving supplies.

To begin with, you need to consider the following things when considering hiring moving help Myrtle Beach SC: cost, time, and reliability. Before you sign the contract, take a look at this article to learn more about professional packing services.

What you get when you use companies offering packing services for moving

What are the benefits of packing services? You have many options for customizing packing services, just like any other home service. The following levels are the most common service offerings of moving companies:

The Basic Package

A pro packing service can help you pack your stuff safely and effectively, no matter how large. The “basic” package is only for the most difficult items, such as your TV, antiques and china, etc. It’s a basic package that covers the basics of packing. However, it isn’t going to solve all your packing problems.

The Per-Room package

Just need your kitchen packed up? Perhaps you just need to pack your kitchen? You can save money by hiring a per-room packer. This is a great way to save time packing, while still being able to do some work yourself.

The Full Home Package

The full home package includes everything the packing service needs to pack, from your clothes in the closet to your silverware in the kitchen. This package is the most expensive, but it will allow you to complete your packing in just a few days without ever needing to pick up any boxes.

You can choose whether you want your packing service to provide all of the services or just provide enough boxes, tape, and other supplies. Although it is usually cheaper to buy the materials yourself in most cases, such as TVs and dishware, the special boxes that the company provides will do a better job than the one you bought at the hardware store. Ask your packing company if you can bring your own supplies along with asking them to provide some extras. Most will allow this.

What Does Professional Packing Services Cost You?

Professional packing services are more expensive than self-packing. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that professional packing services are an expensive luxury you should avoid. It may surprise you to learn that professional packing services can be very affordable depending on how they are used.

First, decide on the service level that you desire. Packing a whole house is going to be more expensive than one room. Most companies reduce the hourly rate the more packers you hire per hour.

Prices can vary but Thumbtack estimates that most companies charge $32-$42 an hour per packer. The rate will be lower if you hire more packers for longer hours.

Keep in mind that Thumbtack’s figures are national averages so your area may b

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e more expensive, especially if it is pricier. Your price will go up if you add ons or upgrades, such as reusable boxes and environmentally-friendly packing options.

If someone from the packing company or professional organizer Brunswick NC visits your home, estimates can vary widely. A packer can assess your home and determine the price. They will then walk through each room with you, taking note of how many boxes they think they’ll need. The packer will be able give you an accurate estimate of what you can expect and you’ll feel confident that they are legitimate.

Things to Consider When You Are Thinking About Packing Services

You know what you should do: Professional packers can be costly, but they will make your life much easier. Before you sign off on the packing paper, there are some things to remember.


If you don’t pack correctly and damage your expensive crystal decanter while packing, you are out of luck. If professional packing results in items breaking, you are covered. Although it is not guaranteed that any items damaged will be fully refunded, professional packing companies for moving are required by law to have insurance. This gives you a better chance of getting your money back.


Professional packing services will take care of your dirty laundry. You won’t have much privacy while they pack everything you own. Professional packing services might not be the right choice for you if you are uncomfortable with strangers going through your clothes.

Additional costs

Professional packing services can be expensive so make sure to not spend all of your budget on them. After you have packed everything, you will still need to pay for any moving assistance, new furniture, a deposit at your new house or down payment, as well as any other moving expenses. Dolly is a great option if you want to save money on moving. Brunswick Organizing Solutions
will transport your truck and other equipment at a fixed price so there are no surprises on moving day.

Unpacking Services

Last, consider whether your packers will also serve as your un-packers. Unpacking services can also be booked, but the unpackers might not place items exactly where you would like them to in your new home.

Although professional packing companies are great for solving the problem of moving, they may not be the best option for everyone. Before you decide whether to use packing services, weigh your options and make sure to stick to your budget. We help you move at a reasonable price by providing truck and muscle. Call Brunswick Organizing Solutions now for more information.

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