home organizing

Create Clutter Hub Spots

To keep hallways clean when home organizing, create a “hallway hub”. These “way stations” can be used to store clutter until it is moved to the right place.

For 15 minutes, set a timer

You don’t have to clean every day if you hate it. Instead, set a timer and commit to cleaning 10 or 15 minutes each day. You can set the timer to clean and declutter while you listen to a podcast. You can also tidy up the kitchen while you wait for water to boil.

Every item in your home should be treated the same way you would treat a fork.

It’s easy to see when something is out of place if you look at it as a fork. You know that a fork is not supposed to be in the bathroom if you see it. It will go in the kitchen, in a drawer with the other forks. You should have storage for everything in your home.

Home Organizing Tips

Use your Smartphone

When you declutter paper, take photos of printed menus and schedules. Do not save paperwork that is easily accessible online. These documents include user manuals, credit card agreements, take-out menus, and credit card agreements. You can either take photos of single-page documents or bookmark them in your web browser and store them in Evernote or Google them whenever you need them.

Use hanging storage

Hanging shoe organizers can be used to organize other items than shoes. These organizers can also be used to store jewelry, scarves and gloves in closets. These can also be used in the kitchen to store canned or boxed food. Clear pockets let you see what is inside while securely securing them.

Make friends with the box method

The “box” method uses three boxes: storage, donation/sell, storage, and trash can. Take each item and sort them out one at a time. You should go with your gut feeling about each item. It is important to decide quickly what to do with each item.

Keep plastic bags for later use

To prevent plastic bags from becoming a clumpy mess, store extra bags in a paper towel tube. A fabric holder can be purchased or made by yourself for plastic bags. They can be used as small wastebasket liner, dog waste bags, or for bringing back your shopping bag.

Keep it Seasonal

Rotate seasonal clothing in your closet so that the clothes you use most often are at the front. You can also examine your clothing each season to determine if there are any repairs or if you should donate it.

Linen Closet: Baskets

To separate different types of linens, such as beach towels and bath towels, or to separate different sizes of linens like Twin sheets from King sheets, use baskets. This is especially useful for guests who are staying longer.

Reduce your clothing

A minimalist wardrobe is the way to go. Once you begin to organize your clothes, you will realize that you don’t need as many scarves, sweaters and jeans as you once thought. This will allow you to save space and make it easier to manage your clothing.

Give everyone’s items a place

You can give each member of your family a shoe box in the foyer, entryway or mudroom if you have a large family. You might even be able to get your children involved in keeping the house tidy by creating storage spaces for family members.

Rapidly Declutter a Bag

You can tackle clutter even if time is limited. It takes only five minutes to declutter your bag. You can easily get rid of everything in your bag and only replace the essentials (e.g. wallet, sunglasses, lip balm). Keep receipts and reminders of appointments, as well as appointment details, in a file. Throw away any obvious garbage like straw wrappers and used tissues.

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