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Professional OrganizersIt can be difficult to keep your home clean without regular upkeep. However, the benefits of a well-organized home are immense. Brunswick Organizing Solutions, a professional organizers,  has some ways to save time and money. These are small steps that you can take to organize your home and help you find the best method for you. You can organize as little as 30 minutes if you start small.

Tips From Professional Organizers

Make five piles

You should organize everything in five piles:

  1. Move to another room
  2. give to a particular person
  3. donate
  4. throw away
  5. finally the “marinating” pile

You can pack the “marinating” things and label the box with six-month-to-one year date. You can safely dispose of those items if you don’t open the box by that date.

You can make your organizing project run faster by following these steps:

You can make rules about what you keep and what you throw away. For example, in your closet, you might decide to throw away clothing that is not the right size, stained or damaged. You can also decide to dispose of anything older than one year with periodicals.

It will take you at most five times as long.

It will take much longer to sort through personal papers than you expect. You should know which documents you need to shred, and then put them in a separate pile.

Avoid lids

Do not use lids for laundry baskets, bins, or other containers. It makes it more difficult to organize things. Clear sweater boxes are great for other items. They can hold sweaters in your closet and are great for holding rice and beans in your pantry. They can fit on any shelf and hold all of your stuff.

You should aim to eliminate clutter and not create more storage space.

People who believe they are disorganized will always go out and buy baskets, containers and hooks. They arrive home, you try to use them and realize that they aren’t the right size or type because you didn’t sort through all your stuff. This is just wrong. All those containers only add to your clutter.

Too much paper.

The idea of a paperless society seems a total myth. It is extremely difficult to get rid of paper. You don’t have to keep 80 percent of the mail that you receive. It is important to keep weeding out all paper, including magazines, catalogs and receipts.

Do you still hold onto something large that reminds you of your past?

If you still have something that no longer fits in your house for some sentimental reasons like an old recliner or chandelier. You most likely cherish the memory and not the item. Take a photo of the item and give it to someone who has room for it. If you love your paperweight collection, grandma’s old photos, or heirloom quilt, don’t let them go to waste in cardboard boxes. You can honor your treasured keepsakes by displaying them.

All of your appointments should be on your calendar

You should do everything, even errands, exercise and clean up the house. Also, prioritize what is most important to you.

Our greatest secret?

Don’t procrastinate. You can waste hours clearing your clutter if you put off tasks that only take a few moments. Always check your mail immediately, clean up after using any item, and then put them away.

You must get rid of the storage unit

All the stuff in the room could be re-purchased for about the same amount you pay for the annual rental fee of the storage unit. This doesn’t even include the cost to move the items. You may not realize it, but your items are rarely worth as much as they seem. Even if they were, who cares? This is no excuse to keep things you don’t need.

Here’s how to make your closet look great:

Switch to a different type of hanger. It can make a big difference. You can’t see all the details if you have several types. Velvet hangers are my favorite. They are super slim and can be stuffed into a closet more easily. And your clothes will not slip off of them.

Maximize your closet space

If you have enough wall space, add a tension rod to allow you to hang shirts on the top and skirts at the bottom. Also, always add hooks for jewelry and scarves. If you have enough space, you can also put it in a chest or drawers.

Does all of this seem overwhelming? A call to Brunswick Organizing Solutions now and let our team of experts help organize your home. We also offer other services such as moving and packing services.

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