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Moving for a loved one or yourself can be a stressful and challenging experience. To assist you with the process, here are some senior moving checklist that could help you look for retirement communities, arrange the consolidation of your possessions, hire a mover, and schedule your travel.

Moving With Seniors Checklist

3 Months Before

  1. Determine Your Needs
  • Create a list of all your needs
  • If you or your loved one is retiring, you also need to consider the location and the things you’d like to do to enjoy your retirement.

  1. Look for Retirement Communities
  • Are you all set to retire? If the answer is yes then begin looking for housing complexes and neighborhoods in your area. You can start the moving process once you know where you want to live.
  1. Hire A Moving Specialist
  • You can hire the help of Brunswick to help you with the moving logistics. Our team helps seniors with relocation, downsizing, packing, home staging, organizing, and more.

2 Months Before

  1. Ask Family Members to Help

A few months before the moving schedule, ask family members to help sort and pack your things. If you are downsizing, ask loved ones if they would like to take any larger belongings or huge furniture off your hands. They can also help donate and sell different items. Make sure to contact them in advance.

  1. Plan Furniture Replacement

Did you find your new home? Before you move, don’t forget to request the blueprint of the house. It will give you a good idea of where you can place your furniture and other belongings. Measure them in advance. Study the blueprint so you’ll know what won’t work in your new home.

  1. Look For Moving Services

This is the perfect time to determine how you want to move. Do you plan to do it yourself? Do you want to hire moving experts? Familiarize yourself with the available option and choose one that fits your budget.

6 Weeks Before

  1. Make all the necessary travel arrangements.
  2. Inform all of your current doctors regarding the move and ask for referrals if necessary.
  3. Book your chosen moving company.
  4. Get in touch with your health care provider to make sure that there won’t be any problem with your medical coverage before, during, and after the move.

4 Weeks Before

  1. Start finding new doctors if you are moving to a new city.
  2. If you have to get rid of some belongings, this is the perfect time to host a garage sale.
  3. If you don’t want to sell your things, but you need to downsize, you can always donate them.
  4. Rent a storage unit where you can place your belongings for a certain time period.

3 Weeks Before

If you are receiving Medicare or Social Security benefits, don’t forget to update your mailing address before the actual move.

2 Weeks Before

  1. Before the move, get in touch with your current doctor’s office and make sure that all of your medical records are transferred to your new health expert.
  2. Don’t forget to refill all your prescriptions. You should have a supply of medications for at least one month. You should also move your prescriptions to a pharmacy that’s near your home.

After Moving

Prepare the home so that it will accommodate your needs. Ask a family member to help if you can’t do it on your own. You may have to hire a handyman if some repairs need to be done. You can also hire professional organizers to help you unpack your belongings.


Call Brunswick Organizing Solutions now and let our team of professional organizers help you move to your new home.


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