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If there’s one thing that seniors struggle with, it’s change. Take for example, convincing them to move to assisted living. But making them agree to this proposition and finding the best community that can offer them a supportive environment are only two of the many challenges you need to face. So, here’s a senior moving guide to help you out.

Senior Moving Tips To Help An Elderly Transition To Assisted Living

Set Realistic Expectations

You should set a realistic expectation first regarding how much you can do in a single day. Unless the transition is happening in the middle of a crisis, you have to give yourself and the elderly permission to work at a pace that you’re both comfortable with. Don’t attempt to downsize their whole house in one single weekend if you can avoid it. You should work at a leisurely pace because it’ll cut down the anxiety while providing you the opportunity to think about the time that has been spent in that house.

Identify The Most Cherished Items

Everyone has things in their houses that they consider as treasures. There are items that they are not willing to let go. Knowing the items that your elderly parent cherish the most will help you when you’re making plans for their move to assisted living. You know which ones they would like to bring during the senior move. But there will also be items that they want to keep but can’t. In this case, you can ask if they want to give it to someone, a relative or perhaps friend.

Make A Floor Plan Layout

Once your parent has chosen the suite or apartment in the assisted living community that they want to move into, you should ask the in-charge for a comprehensive copy of the floor plan. Be sure that the dimensions for the room are all marked. Then you have to measure all the furniture so you could come up with the room’s layout.

Start With The Less Used Rooms

If your parent lived in that house for several years, it’s filled with things that they don’t need after their move. However, it could be emotionally difficult to let go of these items. One tip to help them sort and downsize is to start with the rooms that they don’t use that often.

Sort By Final Destination

While you’re working your way through every room, consider the items in terms of their last destination. Have a box for each destination like Move, Family, Donate, and Trash. As you go through each drawer or closet, put the items into the appropriate box. If you can, avoid making a Maybe box that you have to check a second time around.

Come Up With A Moving Schedule

When you have an idea of what the actual senior relocating schedule, you should then create a schedule. Always remember that there are days and weeks that are more popular among movers. Find a date that suits you best.

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