Spring is the best time of the year to provide your house a good overhaul to clear out your old items and create space for new ones. So, here are some decluttering tips you need to know.

Decluttering Tips During Spring

You need to have a process.

Decluttering your house could be overwhelming especially when you are working in several rooms at once and you become side tracked. You should work at one room at a time and if you have pick something up, you should follow an “only take care of it once rule.” Through it, you’ll put the item where they belong or allocate it to bet thrown away, donated, or sold. In case you keep always keep going back to exactly the same items over and over then it’ll feel like you’re not making any progress.

Use the three to six months rule.

If you have not used the item for at least three months or if it has been stored for up to six months then you need to ask yourself if you really need it. You may find this question too difficult to answer especially if it involves inherited items. If you’re facing the same problem, then you may want to consider passing the item on to someone you know will take care of the item.

Ask Someone To Help

You can ask a friend or a loved one to help you declutter by giving you a more objective perspective of your house. You may not see a problem seeing boxes stacked up in the corner because you’ve gotten used to it. Having a fresh set of eyes can help you decide which items need to be kept, sold, donated, or thrown away.

Deal with the book pile.

If there is one item that is commonly seen in houses that are going through home organizing, it’s the books. Just like inherited items, homeowners find it hard to give up their books. If you love books then you should have a place where to store them. If you have lots of books filling your garbage, you should consider donating or selling them.

Edit your collection of your children’s work.

You don’t need to keep all the things that your children have created. Choose the ones that you really love and look for a way to show case them in your house. As for the other items, you can take a picture of them and save them on your computer. You will also find excellent art folders in the market. You can buy one and store your favorite artworks there.

Repurpose Items or Rearrange Furniture

Eliminating all the free extra stuff isn’t the only goal when you’re decluttering your home. Decluttering also allows you to look at your home’s design and interior styling. It will help you create a comfortable house.

Start now.

So many homeowners consider these task as too hard to do. That’s why many people put them off. If there’s just too much to do then don’t plan to declutter your home in just a single weekend. Break the job into manageable tasks. If you are having a hard time, you can alway seek out the help of a professional organizer.

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