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Perhaps you were ahead of your time and organized yourself before the holidays. Or maybe not. In either case, I will show you home organization tips for any space – big or small – in five easy steps.

Home Organization: How to organize anything

Step 1.

Sort. Do not try to keep it tidy. A professional organizer Myrtle Beach SC will tell you that it is necessary for the mess to get worse before it can be cleaned up. It’s true. You can just make piles of the same things. Make little piles of toys, such as dinosaurs, dolls and cars, if you are cleaning out a playroom. Put all your crackers, cereals, soup, etc. in the kitchen pantry. In their own piles’.

Step 2.

Declutter and remove. Once you have sorted your stuff, decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Anything that isn’t working should be thrown out. Go ahead, toss it. It’s not necessary. You don’t need it.

Step 3.

After you have eliminated and sorted and downsize, you will have an idea of the space required for each grouping. You can assign homes to items on shelves or in cabinets. These things can be assigned homes in cupboards, on shelves, etc. Keep the items you use frequently within easy reach. Items that are not used often can be stored higher or in a less accessible location.

Step 4.

This is my favorite step. You can now shop for beautiful containers, baskets and labels to help you stay organized. You should complete it only after you have completed the previous three steps. Once you have sorted, eliminated, and assigned homes for your items, you won’t know what you really need. For great storage solutions, don’t forget about places like craft stores and dollar stores. Call a professional if you need organization help.

Step 5.

Place things in the right place. To put everything back in their place every day, it shouldn’t take longer than five minutes per room. It’s easy to do.

….5 steps to organize ANYTHING. It’s easy! It will make you feel great to organize and your coworkers and friends won’t believe that it took only five steps.

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